Facebook Messenger: How do you send messages that self -destroy

Time 06/07/2022 By mhb

There have been several mobile applications that facilitated the transmission of messages that are self -destruct, and now you may send them through Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger is a communication tool in a permanent evolution.After the homonymous application has become mandatory for mobile Facebook users, Messenger has become better and more versatile.

Next, there are many other applications with similar functionality, but considering how much time you spend on Facebook, it is very comfortable to initiate a dialog or video conference with friends using Messenger.

The most important upgrade in recent years to the Messenger service has been introduced a few weeks ago and includes some obvious features and some you could easily overlook.

Facebook Messenger: cum trimiți mesaje care se autodistrug

The new function is called secret and, when you use it to initiate a dialogue with someone, you have more benefits.First of all, all the messages sent in this manner are encrypted end-to-end and are accessible only to the interlocutor and the person who sends them.

It is very important to note that if you use Messenger on several devices, encrypted messages can only be seen on the device they were sent.Otherwise, if you get used to secret conversations, you have access to all ordinary tools, emoticons, photos and only.In addition, you can send messages that are self -destruct.

For the first time, I heard about messages that self -destruct a few years ago on Snapchat.Now you can send them through Messenger, if you follow a few steps.Enter the Messenger app on iOS or Android, with the mention that it is very important to use the latest version.

Make a TAP to the top right to create a new message and a second TAP all to the top right on the secret word.Choose the recipient of the message, given that encrypted messages cannot be sent to more people simultaneously.After typing the message, press in the right corner of the composition camp on the similar button with a clock dial.Choose, in seconds, as long as your message can see the interlocutor until it disappears forever.Confirm with a TAP on Done and send the message with a validity term through a TAP per send.