BANCA Transilvania: IMPORTANT Information Sent to Customers

Time 23/12/2022 By myhoneybakedfeedback

BANCA Transilvania sends customers from all over Romania a very important piece of information that everyone should listen to right now, and that's because something that shouldn't be ignored has been brought to their attention. BANCA Transilvania talks in detail about the security measures that its customers from all over Romania should apply to be sure that their mobile phones are not compromised, and their bank data is not stolen by someone.

BANCA Transilvania comes up with this recommendation in the context in which, in recent months, numerous clients from all over the country have been targets of phishing attacks, whether they became their victims or not. BANCA Transilvania says first of all that passwords, PINs, or any other elements used to secure mobile banking applications should be kept secret from any other person, and mobile terminals should be secured.

BANCA Transilvania: IMPORTANT Information Issued to Customers

BANCA Transilvania also says that we must not download mobile banking applications from sources other than the official ones, i.e. App Store or Google Play Store, in order not to risk we infect phones with malware. Another important recommendation is not to leave phones or tablets in public without securing them and not to stay connected to mobile banking applications when we don't have the devices near us.

BANCA Transilvania: IMPORTANT Information Sent to Customers

BANCA Transilvania also says that we must avoid accessing links from SMS/emails or their attachments, because they can lead us to malicious websites. In the same idea, BANCA Transilvania recommends us to be very careful about the websites accessed for mobile banking, and to make sure that they are the official ones of the bank and not clones made by hackers who can steal all our data when we try to we log in.

BANCA Transilvania finally says that we must constantly update our phones and tablets to the latest versions of the operating systems and not root or jailbreak them, because that makes them vulnerable.