BANCA Transilvania: Important Notice, DANGER for Customers

Time 22/12/2022 By myhoneybakedfeedback

BANCA Transilvania sends an important announcement to customers from all over Romania with a very serious danger for customers from all over Romania, and those who use its services must know about it. More precisely, the people from BANCA Transilvania tell their customers from all over Romania that they should not use a phone that has an operating system exploited by root or jailbreak, because this reduces the level of security in the case of its use.

BANCA Transilvania comes with this warning because there are enough customers who use these systems, but few of them know what kind of danger exists behind changing the operating system of a phone. Root solutions for Android and jailbreak for iPhone have existed for years, they are used by users to access functions of the operating systems that are normally not available for security reasons, but also to modify their phones in new ways.

BANCA Transilvania: Important Announcement, DANGER for Customers

BANCA Transilvania says that performing a root or jailbreak can remove the security systems of the Android and iPhone operating systems, but also those implemented in its BT applications Pay for phones. Although root and jailbreak solutions offer more freedom, they also make operating systems more vulnerable because offering freedom means removing some standard security measures, and BANCA Transilvania tells us to be careful about what we do.

BANCA Transilvania: Important announcement, DANGER for Customers

BANCA Transilvania does not block access to its applications for phones with root or jailbreak, but other banks have been doing it for some time because they cannot guarantee the safety of using the applications. You must know that any package installed after jailbreak, or root, from unauthorized sources may contain malware specially designed to affect financial applications, such as the one from BANCA Transilvania, but everything happens without you realizing the problems.

BANCA Transilvania makes this warning in order to protect its customers from all over Romania, so it would be good to be very careful when jailbreaking or rooting to further secure your phones.