Apple iPhone 13 Pro: stereo acoustic, with enough bass and pleasant voices, but without that "punch"

Time 04/06/2022 By mhb

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I also remember now what speakers I had on the iPhone 7, which were laughing and flagship of recent history.It followed the iPhone 11 Pro, which is well, but it does not break records.Now comes iPhone 13 Pro, as usual with stereo speakers and without audio jack.The bottom is dealing with the low, the top with the high and is the one for conversations.It seems to me that the lower speaker is significantly stronger than the one above and covers it.

Video-Review Apple iPhone 13 Pro, acoustic section

The body of the phone vibrates at maximum volume and we have no distortion even when we played at the most nervous Dubstep pieces or fast solos at Heavy Metal.The sound is very clear, Crisp, the voices are well rounded, pleasant and I have enough bass on the new piece of Snoop Dogg, Mount Westmore, "Big Subwoofer".I recommend it for bass tests.And the highs are distinguished in the experience, but again, overall as a volume I have heard even better.

Test- power power front (up)

Test- power power front (down)

Apple iPhone 13 Pro: Acustică stereo, cu suficient bas şi voci plăcute, dar fără acel

As for the tests with the decibelmeter, we reached 78.6 DBA up the test with the acoustic sample and 76.5 DBA down.There are no impressive scores and I have tested more often phones that jump 80 DBA than some that fall below this value.I exceeded the iPhone XR, but I was under OnePlus 9 Pro and many other flagships.At games I reached 96.3 DBA in a uniform way, without such a great discrepancy between speakers.

Test- power volume multimedia

I exceeded Asus Rog Phone 5 Pro and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, but I was under the Samsung Galaxy S21+ and iPhone 12 Pro Max.Samsung phones provide a better "surround".At the musical playback on YouTube the strength of sound is comparable to the one on the iPhone 11 Pro, difficult to separate the two phones.


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