Apple has launched iOS 15. The behavior of the phone can be changed according to the activity carried out

Time 27/09/2022 By myhoneybakedfeedback

Apple launched the 15th version of his smartphone operating system as he promised a week ago when he presented iPhone 13.

iOS 15 is available for download and installation, starting Monday evening, local time 20, bringing with it a relatively small number of news and improvements.

At the top of the list are the new Focus mods, a kind of profiles based on which the behavior of the phone can be changed according to the activity carried out.

For example, during the service, a way can be activated that eliminate notifications that can distract attention and even display on the main screen only the applications needed for the job..


Many of Apple applications have received more or less important updates.Apple Maps offers a new 3D view mode, but only for a small number of cities, and the Notes app has acquired new skills to organize the notes, such as Tags.

Apple a lansat iOS 15. Comportamentul telefonului poate fi schimbat în funcţie de activitatea desfăşurată

It is particularly noted to change the interface of the Safari browser, which has moved its tabs and the address bar at the bottom of the screen, so that they can be more easily accessed with a single finger.Those who are not satisfied with this change can return to the old settings interface.

For Apple tablets is now available and iPados 15.This version offers some small improvements for multi-tasking and brings the news received last year by iOS, such as App Library and Widgets that can be placed anywhere on the screen.

iOS 15 can be installed on all Apple smartphones starting with iPhone 6S, while iPados can be installed on iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 4 or Newer, plus all iPad Pro versions.

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