Apple has launched a wallet that can be located with the help of iPhone

Time 28/09/2022 By mhb

Along with the numerous products presented on Tuesday evening, Apple also launched a new Magsafe series accessory, a wallet that can be attached to the iPhone and locate when lost.

Magsafe Wallet, the newest Apple accessory, is an atypical wallet.It hosts cards and acts of identity, and can be attached to the iPhone through the Magsafe system with magnets.

And more interesting to this wallet is that it has support for Find My and can be located, if lost or stolen, even when separated from iPhone.

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Apple a lansat un portofel care poate fi localizat cu ajutorul iPhone

Find My is a network created with the help of active Apple devices, communicating and providing the location for finding lost or stolen objects.With the help of the new Airtag, which can be attached to various objects, almost anything can be located, from phones to keys.

Magsafe Wallet is made of leather and works with the latest Apple, iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 smartphones, which are compatible with the Magsafe standard.

Unlike the other gadgets presented on Tuesday evening, Magsfe Wallet is already available at the Apple online store and costs $ 59.