Apple founder, Bitcoin fan: Why Steve Wozniak no longer trusts the US dollar

Time 24/11/2022 By myhoneybakedfeedback

Steve Wozniak is a co-founder of Apple, along with Steve Jobs. Over the years, Woz has made waves several times with his opinions in the field of technology. Now, it has started to encourage investments in Bitcoin.

In an interview with Markets Insider, Steve Wozniak tried to summarize the good parts of cryptocurrencies, but also the reasons why such digital assets will never be truly free, free from the control of governments in various corners of the world .

Steve Wozniak, from Apple to Bitcoin

In 1976, Steve Jobs founded Apple together with Steve Wozniak. In the meantime, he ended up no longer holding any position within the Cupertino giant, but continues to issue relevant opinions in the field of technology. In a recent interview with Yahoo Finance, Woz praised the Twitter CEO's effort in using digital currencies in business. For reference, Jack Dorsey is another enthusiastic user and supporter of cryptocurrencies.

"The problem is that the government will never allow them to be out of its control," Wozniak says. "If it got to the point where everything was done with crypto and things didn't go through governments for observation and taxation, governments would simply ban them. They would not give up power," he added.

Apple Founder, Bitcoin Fan: Why Steve Wozniak Stops Trusting the US Dollar

Beyond that, Wozniak is optimistic about the future of these payment solutions and insisted that he himself is "in the camp that believes that cryptocurrencies will be used effectively." “We have so many digital ways to pay for things now, even just to transfer money to people, ever since PayPal. We have Apple Pay, Apple Cash, Venmo and all that. So, we already have other ways to pay, besides crypto," says the entrepreneur.

Compared to the US dollar, the Apple co-founder is enthusiastic about the fact that you cannot "print" Bitcoin indefinitely. “Look at the US dollar – the government can simply create new dollars and borrow; you never have a fixed amount like with bitcoin. Bitcoin is mathematical purity," Steve Wozniak concluded in the same interview.