Apple changes the service policy: the iPhones that no longer have the original battery, will be received for repairs in its centers

Time 04/09/2022 By myhoneybakedfeedback

So far, Apple refused to repair the iPhones if the engineers discovered inside the disposition a battery that was not produced by the American company.

The change of Apple strategy means that the iPhone owners will be able to call on the company's services and those authorized for repairs even if they have previously changed the original battery with one that is not produced by Apple.

According to an internal document, the repair will normally run if the reason why the phone was brought to service is not related to the battery.Ie engineers will repair the defect without binding to the battery.

If the phone's defect is related precisely to the battery, the new rule says it will be replaced with an original Apple battery, regardless of the defective battery origin..

Apple modifică politica de service: iPhone-urile care nu mai au bateria originală, vor fi primite la reparaţii în centrele sale

If the defective battery cannot be changed, then Apple representatives can replace the entire iPhone at the cost of a new battery.This option will be at the discretion of Apple representative who will make an assessment according to the status of the device.

Change of policy on batteries from other sources seems to confirm a certain opening that Apple has been showing lately.

Only a month ago, Apple announced that repairing iPhone screens in services other than authorized ones will no longer lead to the loss of the guarantee-which represented another surprising but welcome movement from Apple.

Last year, after the battery change program with only $ 29, as a result of the intentional slowdown of the iPhone older than one year, Apple replaced 11 million iPhone batteries.

This program, by changing at a lower price of the batteries, was appointed by the company's head as one of the reasons why Apple has sold less iPhone lately, because users have chosen to change their batteries instead of buyinga new model when they found the decrease in autonomy.