Apple Airpods 3 officially debuts!The new "budget" wireless headphones receive audio space, water resistance and generous autonomy

Time 12/12/2022 By myhoneybakedfeedback

A new important Apple event took place this evening.It focused in particular on audio and hardware dedicated to the new Pro Macbooks.They made the Airpods 3, the newest pair of in-ear design in Apple's portfolio.They even borrow functions from Airpods Pro, and the autonomy has increased to the previous generation.Details about them we have below.

AirPods 3 have a new, more ergonomic design than the previous generation.Inside we find Custom drivers, which do not distort, specially designed for them.Also control is done now on the basis of pressure sensors.We remain at the design and construction chapter noting that the new generation has received water resistance in IPX4.The power box is now a little wider, being similar to the one from Airpods Pro.Each helmet weighs 4.28 grams, and the transport box reaches 37.91 grams.

The autonomy is 6 hours in the case of continuous playback, and the transport box can charge the headphones 4 times, reaching a total of 30 hours.We also have detection sensors here, accelerometer and motion sensors, the new AirPods 3 receiving Audio Spatial.This present function also on the pro variant makes the space sound and "moves" it according to the position and movements of the head.

Apple AirPods 3 debutează oficial! Noile căști wireless „de buget” primesc Spatial Audio, rezistență la apă și o autonomie generoasă

The headphones come with Bluetooth 5.0, and the transport box is loaded both through a lightning and wireless port.We also have fast loading, 5 minutes of feeding on the wire offering an hour of playback.Two microphones are on the outside and have beamforming technology and one is inward.

The price of new AirPods 3 headphones is $ 179.