Android: Huge danger for hundreds of millions of people

Time 30/12/2022 By myhoneybakedfeedback

Android, the most used operating system for mobile phones, now has an extremely serious danger for hundreds of millions of phones around the world, and the situation is one that can degenerate quickly.Specifically, a group of computer security researchers has discovered a new type of malware for Android which is extremely dangerous, being known as SOVA, and unfortunately it is one of the most complex discovered so far.

Android has discovered a new type of malware that combines attacks such as DDOS, Mitm, Ransomware, but also those who are meant to steal the banking data of those who are infected through it.We are talking about a malware that is designed to fully exploit infected phones, but also to steal as much data from Android, and according to those who have discovered it, it is only in the early stage of development.

Android: Huge danger for hundreds of millions of people

Android is targeted by many types of malware constantly, but Sova is one that amazed the researchers in computer security due to its complexity.Sova seems to be thought of as a malware for PCs, having implemented including a Keylogger system, but also the one that displays false interfaces over those of mobile banking applications, here being an extremely serious problem that phones are facingwith Android.

Android: Huge danger for hundreds of millions of people

"This malware is still in the beginning (it appears for the first time in August, now only in version 2) and is under test ... leafing serious and worrying plans for the near future..Sova removes a page from the traditional malware for desktop, "they added."Including DDOS, the middle man and the ransomware of his arsenal could mean incredible damages to the end users, in addition to threatening the very dangerous threatening.."

Android has various protection systems implemented to protect users around the world, but it is also necessary for people to be vigilant and try to protect themselves. Acest malware special pentru Android a ridicat foarte multe semne de intrebare in randul celor care l-au descoperit si da de inteles ca dezvoltatorii sai l-au gandit pentru a-l “imbunatati" in timp astfel incat sa obtina cat mai multi bani prin intermediul sau in viitor.

Android is a safe operating system if users avoid compromising it by installing applications from non-authorization sources and offering access to things to which certain applications should not have access..