Android: millions of alert phones, serious problem

Time 15/12/2022 By myhoneybakedfeedback

Android is by far the most used operating system for mobile terminals, whether it's tablet phones, or other types of gadgets, but for the first of them comes a very serious new alert..It seems that an extremely dangerous malware for Android known as Joker has begun to be distributed in the mass, and the Belgian police have issued an alert about what happens if a victim's phone is infected..

Android is targeted by such problems because it has extremely many users worldwide, so it is expected that they will not disappear too soon, especially since there is a lot of money to steal from the victims.In the case of Joker things are quite "simple", the malware being thought to intercept a variety of information from Android phones, from messages to Internet traffic, all in order to subscribe to expensive online serviceswithout knowing.

Android: Millions of alert phones, serious problem

Android is an operating system for mobile terminals characterized by freedom, ie users have access to a variety of operating system functions, and can provide permissions to access them..The applications that are infected with the Joker malware for Android demand access to these permissions, and on their basis people subscribe to expensive online services, with a monthly payment, hiding the messages of confirmation of the subscription, generally received by SMS.

Android: Milioane de Telefoane in ALERTA, Problema Grava

Android has enough types of malware thought very complex, so the victims have not been injured until they look at the transactions issued by their banks.It is only at that point that many discovers how serious the problem is and that it is possible to have been infected with serious malware, but unfortunately its deletion from Android phones is not easy, and re -infection is possible at any time.

Android has applications with Joker distributed and through Google Play Store, unfortunately, even if they are very few in number, so before installing an application look carefully who developed it.