Android: a new dangerous trojan steals money, cryptocurrencies

Time 18/12/2022 By myhoneybakedfeedback

Android is the target of an attack with a dangerous Trojan, and this is because a new type of software of this kind has been designed to steal the money from bank applications, but also cryptocurrencies.Sharkbot is the name of this new type of Trojan for Android that generates many problems worldwide, many people already fooled because of its existence and having the money stolen with cryptocurrencies from secure wallets, unfortunately.

Android can be inefficient by this Trojan through malicious applications that are installed in the victims' phones, so that, unfortunately, people get to compromise their own security.According to those who have discovered this Trojan, he can intercept people SMS messages to steal authentication codes in various mobile banking platforms, or desktop, and this happens without people knowing what happens.

Trojan for Android that steals your money and cryptocurrencies

The Trojan can be logged into banking applications and cryptocurrencies with the user data he steals, but the problem is even that he can initiate alone bank transfers or cryptocurrencies.This is basically the biggest problem because people's money can be stolen without them knowing what is happening, and everything because this malware has been thought in a very complex way by those who created it, and thatmake one of the most serious so far.

Android: Un Nou Troian Periculos Fura Banii, Criptomonedele

"Sharkbot belongs to a" new "generation of mobile malware, as it is able to make ATS attacks inside the infected device.This technique has already been seen recently from other banking Trojans like Gustuff.ATS (Automatic Transfer System) is an advanced attack technique (quite new on Android) that allows attackers to automatically complement the fields in legitimate mobile banking applications and initiate money transfers from compromised devices.."

Those who created this Trojan thought it in such a way that he can make money transfers without triggering the safety systems that are meant to detect any kind of transactions.Of course, in the situation where the Trojan makes transactions of this kind, they appear in the systems of banks like any other made by ordinary customers, so the recovery of stolen money could be impossible, in the case of cryptocurrencies, the same thing is happening..

Android is a safe operating system, if not modified and users do not install applications from insecure sources, or do not offer permissions that they should never have.