An American doctor claims that, scared by the Delta version, antivacinists go hidden in hospitals to inoculate anti-Covid

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An American doctor argues that the spread of the Delta variant of the coronavirus seems to convince some anti-vaccinists to inoculate with the vaccine against Covid-19, even if this means to go hidden in hospitals to be immunized.The phenomenon is confirmed by an analysis by Bloomberg, which found that several areas of the united layers, with relatively low vaccination rates, records an intensification of the number of inoculations in the context of worrying cases of delta infections.

Context data

Until Thursday evening, over 34,722,000 Americans were positively tested for Covid-19 from the beginning of the pandemic and over 609,000 died due to the disease.On July 28, the number of new cases of infections reached over 86,000 in the United States, with an average infection rate in the last seven previous days of more than 66,000 cases, respectively an increase of 146% in the last 14 days.

According to the Centers for Disease Control statistics (CDC), about 179 million American adults (18 years and over) received at least one dose of anti-coronavirus vaccine until Thursday, which represents 69.4% of the total adult population.At the same time, 60.3% of the total adults in the United States, respectively more than 155 million people, were completely inoculated, according to official governmental data.

The total number of Americans (12 years and over) who received at least one dose was almost 190 million, with 163.9 million Americans vaccinated with both doses.The total number of vaccine doses administered in the US was 344,071.595-out of a total of over 397 million doses delivered by the authorities.

At the same time, however, the number of cases of illnesses currently increases in most of the United States, as the Delta variant spreads among unvaccinated persons.The New York Times said that in the last month, there has been a four times increase in cases of daily infections.

Many states and districts with low vaccination rates have been strongly affected by the last wave of cases.Arkansas, Missouri, Florida and Nevada - which have lower vaccination rates than other states - are facing massive outbreaks of infections.For example, Louisiana, who had an average of less than 400 cases per day in early July, is now reporting more than 2,400 cases per day, most of January.The district that includes the city of Jacksonville (Florida) also has over 900 cases per day.

Difficult situation

Even though the United States is in a much better form than in almost all the previous moments of the pandemic-with the number of deaths caused by the virus at the lowest levels in the spring of 2020, while hospitalizations are a fraction from the tip reached in winterpast -the situation is not pink at all.

Un doctor american susține că, speriați de varianta Delta, antivacciniștii merg pe ascuns în spitale să se inoculeze anti-COVID

The number of deaths caused by the virus rose to about 2,000 per week, while the new cases of infections have reached their climax for the last three months.At the same time, the vaccination campaign was largely blocked, and the skeptical Americans refuse to be inoculated.

About 530,000 vaccines are now administered.It is a very small number compared to the peak of April 1, when 4,322,725 Americans were inoculated, and the average of the last seven days was at that time of 3.3 million doses administered.

Around 90 million adult Americans have not been vaccinated, and many of them continue to declare their skepticism to anti-Covid inoculation for various reasons: distrust in vaccines and institutions (both government agencies and companiesmanufacturers), conspiracy theories, misinformation, as well as the side effects of vaccines.

At the same time, various opinion polls indicated that about 15-20% of Americans are extremely circumspect for the idea of being vaccinated, and the attempts of the political and medical authorities to convince them will not give results.

Experts claim that, given that the vaccination campaign continues to stagnate, it will leave the United States vulnerable to risks, including outbreaks that will occur over the summer in southern states until the recurrence of the coronavirus this fall and the possibility.the emergence of new and dangerous variants.

Also, because the rate of vaccinations has slowed visibly, group immunity - considered by experts as when it includes at least 75% of the community - is still a distant goal, especially in areas where most residents refuse to bevaccine.

The effects of this phenomenon are mainly felt by unvaccinated persons.According to the CDC, 99.2% of Covid deaths from the beginning of the year were among the unvaccinated Americans.

Experts say that the virus continues to spread among the unvaccinated as quickly as during the massive outbreaks of last fall, and this is particularly dangerous to those who cannot be vaccinated or do not receive sufficient protection against vaccines (if they areimmunocompromes).

Vaccination in secret

In this delicate context, Yahoo News quoted a New York doctor who said that the spread of the Delta variant of the coronavirus-more contagious than other mutations-seems to convince some American antivacinists to inoculate with the vaccine against Covid-19, even if thismeans to go hidden in hospitals to be injected.

According to Dr. Calvin Sun, an emergency doctor, more and more Americans who were reluctant to get vaccinated to go to hospitals to inoculate against coronavirus.

"In the last week, I had a lot of antivacinists who secretly came to the emergency room," said Sun."The patient's confidentiality is a wonderful thing.They ended up receiving the vaccine. ”

"They don't have to tell their friends," Sun said about those who are currently watching after months of hesitant."They can save appearances, they can maintain their pride.I think we see a lot of such things right now, with the Delta version that has an impact on people who have not yet been vaccinated. ”

"I think every little gesture matters," said Dr. Sun."Sometimes people need a lot of time to get to a point where they can make a decision in the end.There are people who buy the first iPhone when it appears for the first time and there are people waiting after a week to take their 2.0, 3.0 variants.Each one is different. ”

Yahoo News noted that while some experts responded to the increase in number of infections requesting federal measures - such as the obligation to wear mask imposed at national level or the introduction of vaccination passports - Dr. Sun said that it would bea wrong decision.

"I tend to be more follower of the strategy: 'I guide you to that place where you make the decision alone and you will come to come alone to vaccinate," said Sun, adding: "I never tell people what to do if they are notprepare for it.Otherwise, they may be upset about us if something bad happens.If millions and millions of people receive something like a vaccine, one in a million or two million will have a bad result, and may be upset, blame the vaccine, and this to do more harmthan good. ”

Sun said he prefers to explain to antivacinist skeptics that unvaccinated individuals have almost entirely represented the deaths caused by Covid.

The statements of Dr. Calvin Sun seem to be confirmed by an analysis by Bloomberg, who found that several areas of the united layers, with relatively low vaccination rates, record an intensification of the number of inoculations in the context of the worrying increases of infections.Thus, regions in the center and south of the United States - where the Delta variant is rapidly spread - have reported an increase in vaccination shoulder in recent weeks.

Experts put this on account of the fact that Delta, which is extremely contagious, mainly affects unvaccinated people.However, the specialists claim that the authorized vaccines are administered in the USA are effective against this variant, even if not 100%.

"Covid-19 vaccines are effective and are a critical tool to control the pandemic.However, no vaccine is 100% effective in preventing diseases in vaccinated people.There will be a small percentage of completely vaccinated people who will still get sick, are hospitalized or die because of Covid-19, ”the CDC website is stated.

„Ca și în cazul altor vaccinuri, vor apărea probleme cu vaccinurile, chiar dacă ele funcționează conform așteptărilor.” În prezent, cele trei vaccinuri împotriva virusului autorizate pentru utilizare de urgență în Statele Unite sunt produse de Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna și Johnson & Johnson.

In the same note, CNN reported, citing the statement of a local doctor, that some inhabitants of Missouri secretly be vaccinated to avoid the criticisms of families and friends who oppose the vaccination.Some of the antivacinists who were inoculated have disguised themselves in order not to be recognized by the close ones and asked the medical staff to protect their identity.

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