A woman was allegedly harassed for months by her ex-boyfriend. The reason the man put detectives on her trail

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The woman from Timișoara was harassed for months by her ex-boyfriend, an Austrian citizen, with agricultural business. Jealous, the individual would have threatened her and would have put some detectives on the trail of the young woman to find out if someone else appeared in her life.

DIICOT prosecutors made several searches and took both the ex-boyfriend and those employed by him to hearings. They are all now under criminal investigation.

The two lived for four years a love story that seemed to go well. He, an Austrian citizen, moved to Romania 10 years ago. The woman is 30 years old, and he is 44. During the relationship, the young woman started working at the man's company. Last December, however, she decided to end the relationship. She says that was when her life turned into a nightmare.

Victim: "He was always aggressive both verbally and physically. The last time, on purpose, he hit me with the office door, a large iron door for which I ended up in the emergency room, I also have a medico-legal certificate in this sense."

A woman was allegedly harassed for months by the ex-boyfriend. The reason why the man put detectives on her trail

Then, the woman began to have the feeling that she was being followed more and more often. A surveillance camera she set up in the kitchen caught her ex-boyfriend rushing across the hallway of her apartment when she wasn't at home.

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The victim: "He followed me, in the evening behind the block, in the area where I live, watching the windows at the entrance, watching the stairwell. Also with the help of the detectives I discovered that the car I was using for work had been fitted with a GPS device and an ambient listening microphone."

The woman decided it was time to hire a private detective as well. The evidence gathered by him stunned her: she was followed by two men, who monitored her every step, and in front of her block, a car was parked, in which surveillance cameras were installed.

The detective employed by the young woman: "In front and behind the block there were always cars, detectives, one, another, and other unauthorized people, who did this job. If she went to the store, after her to the store, after her to work and back."

In Arad county, in Chesint, the Austrian citizen is known to be the biggest renter in the area. Those who know him describe him as a serious businessman, involved in community life.

DIICOT prosecutors searched several addresses in Timișoara and Arad. Three people were brought to the hearings: the Austrian citizen and the detectives hired by him.

Andreia Jerdea, IPJ Timiș spokesperson: "The three men would have constituted an organized criminal group. The policemen picked up several laptops, telephones, recorders and a GPS."

The three are being investigated at large for harassment and violation of privacy.

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