YouTube tests a premium Lite subscription that eliminates cheaper ads

Time 01/09/2022 By myhoneybakedfeedback

The times were the times when youtube was free and don't flood you with annoying advertisements at every video you were watching.After the previous years have been marked by the premium subscription, now Google tests a premium Lite subscription that for a lower monthly amount will only remove the ads, without offering you the download and viewing features with the closed phone screen..

Tests started in several European states: Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg, Holland, Norway and Sweden.YouTube Premium Lite costs 6.99 euros per month compared to the premium subscription that costs 11.99 euros in Europe.

What (not) does youtube premium lite?

The premium lite subscription that Google tests will give you an experience without advertisements on the Youtube app, iOS, Android, smart TVs and game consoles, ie all the platforms that it is available.Unfortunately, it does not include access to extra features such as music without advertisements, nor the download or background play.

YouTube testează un abonament Premium Lite care elimină reclamele mai ieftin

I don't know whether to be delighted by YouTube Premium Lite or not.On the one hand, it offers fixed what interests me at a lower price but at the same time activates as a protective fee against intrusive advertisements that have characterized the platform in recent years.Unfortunately this seems to be the future and at one point I think we will see this strategy addressed by most of the big platforms.