Xiaomi eliminated with Miui 13 a lot of useful options;Operating time SOT and Super Wallpaper for the weather disappear

Time 15/12/2022 By myhoneybakedfeedback

Xiaomi is one of the few companies that offer almost weekly new beta builds for its MIUI interface.Before MIUI 13 based on Android 12 is officially announced, we find out that the BETA OS has undergone some changes.We are talking in this article about the Beta 21 Build.12.4, freshly delivered on tester terminals.We have details below.

According to Xiaomiui publication, with this Build Xiaomi has eliminated quite a lot of options.These include the SOT operating time that will no longer be displayed in the smartphone menu with the update to MIUI 13.For those who do not know yet, even Google has eliminated this feature in Android 12.Thus, the only way to find out how long the screen was active would be to use a Third-Party app.But there are also producers who have kept this option like Samsung in One Ui 4.0.

În mod interesant, compania chineză a eliminat și Super Wallpaper-ul pentru vreme, deși el era integrat în MIUI doar de câteva luni.It seems that there are no ways to bring back this background back, not even by installing a subsequent version of Miu Weather.

Xiaomi a eliminat odată cu MIUI 13 o mulțime de opțiuni folositoare; Timpul de operare SOT și Super Wallpaper-ul pentru vreme dispar

But also the useful options appear.Thus the camera app in the new Build now has a Watermark option for documents.Users can thus protect their scanned documents by unauthorized copying.In addition, a midrive shortcut in the native file manager appears, and users can access their Xiaomi Cloud account here.

There is also a change in the case of updates, it is now possible to update the system even if the battery reaches 30%.The attention will occur, however, if the phone has below 15% battery.We do not know if the changes that occur in the last Build Beta are temporary, however.

On December 28, the new Xiaomi 12 series would debut, and those phones should arrive with Android 12 and MIUI 13 in the factory.Only then will we find out if the company has replaced the missing functions with others and what changes appear.