WhatsApp changes how you can delete messages already sent

Time 18/05/2022 By myhoneybakedfeedback

WhatsApp has introduced, at the end of 2017, the opportunity to delete the messages you have already sent, and now makes a change in this chapter.

The function of deleting the messages sent on WhatsApp is available from the end of October 2017, and now, the company has made a change.So far, you could delete messages for seven minutes after you sent them.

Wabetainfo have noticed that, in the latest version of WhatsApp, the time you have available to take your texts sent to upset, drink, or in other bad conditions.Now you have an hour, 8 minutes and 16 seconds to delete the messages already sent.

The new limit is extremely specific and does not seem to have an explanation, you can not find information in the support pages of the service.The only relevant correlation is that the time is equivalent to 4,096 seconds, or 2 high at power 12, so we are probably talking about a choice according to the application programming.

WhatsApp schimbă modul în care poți șterge mesajele deja trimise

An hour should be enough time to make the correct decision, if necessary, and delete certain replicas from a conversation.In addition, an increased limit means that you could have temporary conversations slightly longer.

WhatsApp does not have a secret messaging function, as a messenger, so if you use the chat normally, you can delete a conversation with this function, so that you do not stay after you have finished talking what was relevant.Of course, if you have something really sensitive to discuss, it is more advisable not to do it on the Internet, even if you can delete the messages sent.