TOP 8 smart TVs with prices below 2500 lei

Time 11/03/2022 By mhb

The technology of the past has seen vast improvements.

And today not only can we enjoy phones that offer a simpler and more interesting operating experience, but also TVs that today have multiple functions and that contribute even more to the comfort of relaxing breaks.

Here, small and classic tube TVs have been transformed into electronics with generously sized screens, which impress with a reduced body thickness that allows you to easily integrate them into an elegant living room. Today they are devices with a better resolution that amplify the experience in use and ensure high clarity, helping to render experiences that seem 1: 1 with reality. Of course, there are also features and properties that allow you to turn your ordinary TV into a computer-like device, thanks to the fact that you can successfully connect your TV to the internet or a TV-box, and you can have access to Netflix, YouTube and many more. other platforms or activities that you could have run on your PC only.

Their operation remained just as simple and intuitive. And if in the past it was the only way to relax that you could use just to watch a series of shows provided by your cable provider, a seemingly mundane and boring experience most of the time, today, TVs can be used more widely to cover a variety of desires and needs. You can even pause a series of shows and play them back later, choose which shows you want to watch on different platforms, and turn them into real home cinema systems or a source of relaxation. from small to large.

Why invest in a smart TV

You don't need many reasons to want to buy a smart TV. You already know some of their advantages, such as: the pleasure of operating, the satisfaction offered in case of moments of relaxation, the possibility to personalize your simpler and easier, at will, the rest program or the one spent in the company of loved ones.

It is even more affordable and enjoyable to invest in such a TV to make it part of your computer, as more and more people choose, especially if you do not have very high expectations. The more generous screen gives you more clarity that enhances attention to detail as opposed to a small monitor. At the same time, it can be excellent for game sessions, for writing virtual documents, etc.

But in general, people turn to these smart TVs to enjoy relaxing moments to live at full intensity and in a modern style, 100% personal to everyone's taste, along with all loved ones, becoming along years an integral part of the routine of any family.

Which is the best smart TV

The best smart TV will provide you with all the features you need, which means you don't have to spend a fortune to enjoy perfect moments of relaxation. If you are a Samsung fan, you will surely be fascinated by the technology that the televisions of this brand make available to you. But there are many options, so you should not rule out the possibility of choosing a smart TV from LG, Orion, Philips, etc.

Even if there are more expensive TV models that come with a better quality screen or OLED / QLED screens, which are more durable and more efficient, with a small investment you can reach at least the minimum necessary and fully enjoy of the investment made.

TOP 8 televizoare smart cu prețuri sub 2500 lei

Basically, you find an ideal smart TV in any budget, which allows you to easily get rid of the old one and replace it with something better, more efficient.

You will always find the most varied and affordable options in online stores where you can also benefit from special discounts.

TOP 8 smart TV suggestions under 2500 lei

If you have made the decision to switch to a smart TV, we come to your aid with some suggestions, because we know that it is not at all easy to choose from such a wide variety of models that can be found on the market. That's why we have selected 8 smart TVs under 2500 lei, which will be able to offer you all the functions you could want at the moment, from a smart TV.

If you're looking for an affordable but high-performance TV, the 80cm Orion TV might be exactly what you're looking for.

This TV can store up to 1000 standard analog programs, as well as 4000 digital programs, so you will easily find the shows and materials to watch with pleasure after a day of work.

The TV is equipped with full HD technology and 1366 × 768 resolution, equipped with two USB 2.0 ports and 3 HDMI ports.

The remote control allows you to control both the usual activity, by choosing your favorite channels from the channel grid offered by the cable TV provider, and to manage an extra series of smart applications compatible with the Android platform, through the CI + interface. It also has WIFI so you can turn cable connections into a practice you can forget about.

Another ideal option for you may be the Finlux TV, a TV also with an imposing diagonal that can be characterized by a higher resolution that will ensure increased accuracy thanks to LED technology and the screen in HD Ready format.

The TV has both classic smart connectivity with which you can operate the TV as simply as a computer, and classic connectivity with which you can pair your TV with other classic devices through which you can share a variety of materials (e.g. via the USB stick).

Are you a JVC fan? This brand has a vast tradition on the Romanian market when it comes to technology and accessories, but here, it can make headlines even when it comes to choosing a modern TV.

And if you were delighted with the performance they have provided so far, the JVC TV, the model with an impressive 32-inch screen diameter and 720 pixel HD resolution, will surely attract your attention. This means more vibrant colors, as well as a relaxing experience that you will live to the fullest when watching your favorite TV shows, action or love movies. You can have the most fun by turning this TV into an essential piece of home equipment, by connecting to your favorite devices with the help of WIFI and Bluetooth functions.

Tesla LED TV 80 cm (32 ″) 32T320BHS, HD Ready, Smart TV, WiFi, CI +

It is impossible not to have heard of Tesla, if you are passionate about cars, the name reminding you of that category of luxury cars that do not disappoint even the most demanding tastes. Under the same name comes this smart TV that offers you from the factory, the opportunity to relax in the true sense of the word, through the Netflix and YouTube applications, already pre-installed. Of course, you can further customize it to your liking.

The Tesla Smart TV comes with a screen optimized perfectly according to the frame that suits you best, as well as with an HD LED screen provided with a background noise attenuation function, thus emphasizing the clarity and precision of the details. Thanks to the reliable edges, it will fit perfectly both hanging on a wall and on a dedicated table, which you can place securely with the help of the support legs in the package. It also comes with a function for the hotel, which prevents unpleasant incidents when the little ones try to grab the TV.

Qview Allview 109cm (43 ″) QL43ePlay6100-U TV, Ultra HD 4K, Smart TV, Android TV, WiFi, CI +

When it comes to smart TVs, we can also talk about Romanian technology where you will find some models of Allview smart TVs that could be to your taste. Among them is the AllviewQL43ePlay6100-U model which has an incredible 109 cm diagonal and QLED screen that offers stronger colors, better defined details, perfect viewing angle even by positioning at 180 degrees to this TV.

The TV is equipped with HDR system, Dolby speakers that offer a clear and deep sound, which will successfully accompany your matches or evenings when you are captivated by an action movie, as well as the moments when you want to give the best party. The aluminum frame finely complements the smart functions and the Android platform that allows you to play many games and media directly on the generous screen, turning it into a real accessory for any room.

When you are not satisfied with a little and you want a TV part of the collection of a well-known brand, you can also confidently call on Philips. Here is a model that impresses you with the same generous screen size, but which does not hesitate to surprise you in terms of its functions - Philips 43PUS7556 / 12.

These smart TVs offer you unforgettable experiences thanks to the 3840 × 2160 pixel resolution and the integrated HDR function that allows a unique 4K view.

The TV also comes with two Dolby speakers arranged sideways, as well as a premium and reliable design in which the aluminum bar gives it an extra touch of elegance, without capturing the strong details.

Unlike other TVs based on the Android operating system, the Philips TV has an integrated Saphi system, but it will not complicate your user experience. It's easy to access and program on your favorite channels, ideally even to give free rein to a gaming experience. And if you want to play a series of files available on your phone or PC, the TV has both a card slot and a Wifi connection or classic connectivity.

Samsung TVs are no worse than that, we can also recommend the 125 cm diagonal version that will fit perfectly in the living room or even in a generous bedroom.

The design speaks for itself, through straight lines, a thin frame and a tailored body. The state-of-the-art technology provided with this TV gives you a 4k Ultra HD contrast, even for the most demanding tastes.

It also comes with a state-of-the-art Crystal processor, which will turn any order into a fulfillment in just a few milliseconds. And this is not all! Thanks to the large screen and vibrant colors, you can turn both boring moments and work schedule into a real pleasure, giving you full reliability to use it as a classic TV or instead of a computer.

And last but not least, the Toshiba TV options are among the top recommendations that have caught our attention.

The model presented at this point comes with the most generous screen so far, turning into the perfect accent piece you need on a wall, when you want to relax and relieve stress, as well as the ideal item for presentations in the room conferences and more.

You will be impressed by the LED screen with wide viewing angle, in Ultra HD 4K system, as well as by the clear sound emitted by the two carefully integrated 10W speakers. It presents all the favorite features and options you expect from such a smart TV, so this too can be a choice that you will be completely delighted with.

It is not at all difficult to understand how a smart TV works and how much it can change, for the better, your entire relaxation experience. Make a list of the models that caught your attention, check the available budget and the functions they have, and then choose the model that suits you best. If you are not 100% convinced, pay us a visit in the showroom to see exactly how the models of interest work.