The new "iPhone", revolutionary for the next decade.Apple boss wants to put our reality on steroids

Time 15/01/2023 By myhoneybakedfeedback

For several years it is speculated that Apple will launch two new "devices": a car and a virtual reality helmet and augmented reality.One of them is a follower for iPhone, more than a decade since this phone has changed all phones.Now Apple wants to change your reality.

Not surprisingly, what is known about the vr / ar a Apple is known by rumors.But the company put the foundation for what will launch anytime starting tomorrow.Put a lidar sensor on the iPhone and iPad to more useful the two devices for augmented reality applications.Worked enormously to understand and improve imaging.And is already working on developing an infrastructure for the next smart car that will reach the streets.

The helmet prepared by Apple to offer much more than an iPhone will be useful for three applications: virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR).In the last field Microsoft was best done, who will use resources in a collaboration with the army.

For the "New Reality" of Apple, the Ming-Chi Kuo analyst, from TF International Securies, said Apple will launch such a helmet in 2022 and the price will be about 1.000 dollars.The future helmet will be useful especially for augmented reality applications, but no functionalities in the sphere of virtual reality (especially entertainment) will lack.

The analyst claims that this, in the first phase, will be oriented to the services already launched by Apple: Apple TV+ and Arcade.And from 2025 we can wait for VR / AR glasses.They would be promoted and function as a mobile product: they would overlap digital information over reality including while the user moves.Basically what could the Google Glass project be, but realistic for Mass Market.

Apple chief started promoting (indirect) of the new "iPhone"

For the iPhone company was an incredible successful product.What comes after?For now, nothing new came, but the company has strengthened its position on a market that 10-15 years ago did not exist: services.He currently has a video streaming and music, gaming and fitness service.And icloud is in itself a huge product.As for accessories, small and large Airpods headphones are already a billion dollar source.

However, Apple only created new sources of revenue for products that already exist: MacBook, iPhone, iPad.

Noul „iPhone”, revoluționar pentru următorul deceniu. Șeful Apple vrea să ne punem realitatea pe steroizi

In a discussion with Kara Swisher for Podcastul Sway Al The New York Times, Tim Cook has let it be understood that VR / AR is the next natural step for Apple.

The areas where they would be real help would be: health, education, retail and gaming."I already see that technology would have a considerable impact in these areas.And I think the potential is even greater for the future, ”he added.

Cook also approached the subject of the car-at large, but approached it."We like the merger between hardware, software and services and find the intersection points in which we believe that magic appears.That's what we love to do.And we like to control the primary technology that is in the center of this, ”he said.

These statements strengthen and dismantle two things.On the one hand, Apple will not build a car own.On the other hand, it will provide that "intersection" between hardware, software and services.

iPhone was also a lab for the company's tests

If you like how well an iPhone pictures make, well, fixed skills will be taken on a possible helmet.Over the past five years, Apple has invested more and more in what calls for computational photography.Thus, it does not necessarily matter what you have at the hardware level, but how good you can make the final result good.

In February, this helmet was conveyed to have at least 12 rooms and two 8K screens.These rooms would be completed by Lidar sensors that can measure the three -dimensionality of our reality.On the new Pro phones you can see what such a sensor means but insufficiently used on a phone.Meanwhile, the number of rooms has "increased" to 15.Certainly there will be a lot.

With iPhone, Apple also entered the development of own processors.Still does not produce them but does them according to its requirements.Started on phones, moved on tablets, now has come to have its own processors on new laptops.

Why is a processor relevant?Not only is it relevant, it's crucial.On a helmet is small.Just think that its weight, depending on the rumor, fluctuates between 150-300 grams.That means it's about a phone.A big battery is impossible to put.So the processor must be best optimized as possible.And here Apple is doing the best.

It is possible that the lack of a balance between the processor and the battery was the main problem for Google Glass.Google had the idea, made the product, but the autonomy was mean, and at that time (2012) the technology was not as advanced as at present, so that those glasses to replace your phone.

In 2021 (possible 2022) we are talking about something else.Apple processors are faster than anything else exist on the market (on phones, computers).But not only because of hardware capabilities, but also software optimizations.The "intersection" of which Cook spoke in the above quoted interview is the one who can give the first to success for the alleged helmet of VR / AR.

But the biggest problem is the battery.Such a helmet, tied with a wire, computer or tablet, would be quasi-inutile.Sure, it would be performing but would limit the skills enormously.So should have a few hours autonomy.And for now, the batteries have not become extraordinarily better.Can only be loaded faster.Energy consumption is a problem that has already been solved already.But this will be the main disadvantage, if it's too big.

If you were to compare the possible Apple product with others on the market you don't have much to compare.Maybe only on weight: Hololens from Microsoft is about 645 grams.Oculus Quest 2 from Facebook is at 503 grams.Valve Index is at 809 grams.And Google approach materialized in the form of Daydream View is at 220 grams.However, Daydram is dependent on the phone.

However, the Samsung's response, the most active and advanced manufacturer of Android phones and not only is expected..Samsung already has a reputation in the production of processors, photo and DEX sensors have already allowed it to enter productivity and entertainment.It certainly works at something, so 2022 - 2023 will be two extremely interesting years.

Is the helmet helmet / would the new "iPhone"?If it is, it will certainly not have the same impact.If it is not, then we still do not need or cannot be created something better, more useful, more efficient and effective than the phone, in its current form.

What Apple can do with such a helmet is to expand our reality and change, possibly, certain fields of activity.While the phone provided us with connectivity and a service ecosystem, the augmented world could move the phone's skills directly in front of our eyes.And this will redefine the future decade: from work to fun and communication, nothing will be the same.Will be different and, depending on the people, better.