The Huawei Appgallery app store is now available on all Android phones.How can you download it

Time 16/08/2022 By myhoneybakedfeedback

Since the scandal triggered by Donald Trump, between Chinese and American companies, Huawei has faced a pretty big problem.The Chinese manufacturer was no longer allowed to use Google suite on his phones and had to quickly find another solution to be able to ensure compatibility between his products and everyday applications, which everyone needs.This solution is called Appgallery and in the last year it has registered spectacular growths in both the content offered and as a number of users, and the Acihuawei Appgallery has come to include over 1000 local applications and over tens of thousands of international applications..

Here Huawei manages to survive without Google, contrary to expectations.And not only does it survive, but it extends to other ecosystems, the store being now available for all users who have Android running devices, regardless of the manufacturer.

Basically, those who use smartphones from other manufacturers can access the Huawei application store.We have tested this possibility precisely to realize how easy the installation is and how well this process goes.At first glance, we realized that the experience is similar to the installation of the Google App Store on the Huawei phones, except here we do everything vice versa..

Magazinul de aplicații HUAWEI AppGallery este de acum disponibil pe toate telefoanele Android. Cum îl poți descărca

All you have to do to install Appgallery on your Android phone is to access this link and download the APK file that will then install on the terminal.The process is very simple and it is very hard for users to make mistakes with something during it.Once present on your Android device, the Appgallery store will start to update to the newest version to allow you to download the available applications and games.

And that we are talking here about the content present in Appgallery, the Chinese manufacturer made sure that it is not behind the Google rival and included almost all the applications you might need.Both banking, such as Banca Transilvania, ING Homebank, Sodexo or BCR card are present as well as those that help you pay various services, such as Pago or local news make their presence.

We also add food applications here, such as Foodpanda or Jerry's Pizza and the recipe becomes a very tempting one.In addition, all the applications you install with the Appgallery will be automatically updated by the Huawei store.Overall, the experience of using Appgallery on a non-Huawei phone was a good, normal, somewhat natural.There was no time when something wasn't going well.

And apart from everyday applications, which everyone needs, the offer of games in the store is also a very varied one.We have here the most popular games of the moment, such as Asphalt 9, Forge of Empires or Fortnite but also a slightly more special exclusivity that cannot be found in Google Play or AppStore.This is the Dystopia game: Contest of Heroes, whose action takes place in a dystopic New York of 2065 and whose image is the famous UFC Connor McGregor fighter.

Overall, Appgallery on a non-Huawei Android terminal gave us a more than decent, clean, natural experience.