Samsung solves the most annoying problem on its top phones, finally

Time 23/09/2022 By mhb

Samsung applications, pre-installed on the company's smartphones, will no longer annoy their users, as before.One of the most annoying practices, is that on mobile phones, pre -installed software offers commercials.This behavior is very disturbing to users.

Following many notifications from users, the company has decided to make a change.As they promised, as early as August, they started to remove from the commercials.Samsung smartphone users have repeatedly asked to no longer be assaulted by commercials on their own phones.

Samsung had decided to sell commercials at a time when the company's smartphones didn't seem to go very well.Now, the company has managed to find new sources of revenue, including agreements with American giants Google and Microsoft.Therefore Samsung has decided to make the plate to users who buy their smartphones, including over 1.000 euros.Therefore the producing company will give up advertisements.

Where will we no longer find commercials provided by Samsung?

Samsung rezolvă cea mai enervantă problemă de pe telefoanele sale de top, în sfârșit

In 2020 Samsung began displaying banner type advertisements in its applications.The advertisements began to appear following updates, at One Ui 2.5.From now on they will disappear from most applications pre -installed on company phones.On Samsung Weather or Samsung Health we will not find them.Instead, Samsung Pay that will still have a offers section.

The South Korean manufacturer made the decision to quit these ads by the end of 2021.Very likely to update to One Ui 4.0 Based on Android 12 will lead to complete disappearance of this type of monetization, strongly challenged by users.

Now, smartphone users can be considered lucky, after escaping at least some advertisements that always assaulted them.Unfortunately the Smart TV holders of the technological manufacturer are not so lucky.They will still need to accept various banners through the software interface.Maybe over time the company will think of them too and find other sources of income.