Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra receives the first realistic rancids through Onleaks;The fans of the Note series receive a built-in S-Pen!

Time 26/09/2022 By myhoneybakedfeedback

Samsung is about to announce the new flagship Galaxy S22 at the beginning of 2022.This year the fans of the company did not receive a new note model, but "only" an ultra galaxy s21 that supports the interaction with S-Pen.However, it seems that the S22 Ultra will arrive with a special place for Stylus, like the Ser notes series.Today the phone appears in the first realistic rancids through the popular Zvonac Onleaks (in collaboration with the Digit have details below.

Without just and maybe we will deal with a premium phone, made of glass and metal like the other Ultra versions of the S series.However, a major change appears in terms of format.The Galaxy S22 ultra combines the look of Galaxy S21 Ultra and Galaxy Notes 20 Ultra.

He has a straight corner screen and the upper and lower edge adopts a flat look.The display remains still discreetly curved and would have 6.8 inch in diagonal.This is a Super AMOLED display with high rates, according to the rumor.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra primește primele randări realiste prin intermediul lui OnLeaks; Fanii seriei Note primesc S-Pen încorporat!

The big change is observed at the bottom, more precisely on the left side where the Galaxy S22 Ultra would hide a place for S-Pen.SIM slot moves to the top to make room for stylus.Another major change that the South Korean company would make appears in the case of the rear room module.He would adopt an atypical form (in the form of the letter "P") and would no longer be attached to the side frame.

According to Onleaks, Galaxy S22 Ultra will measure 163.2 x 77.9 x 8.9 mm, and if we take the photo module in the calculation, it will have 10.5 mm in waist.Samsung would bring to this model a new processor (Exynos 2200) whose graphics will be made in collaboration with AMD.It will also be the 2022 company's camera-phone, although according to rumors, it would not bring major changes to the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

I am covled we are going to find out new details about the most anticipated Samsung series over the coming weeks.