Samsung Galaxy S21, the new smartphone worth the investment

Time 27/06/2022 By mhb

The best Samsung Galaxy, S21 and S21+phones, have just debuted in Romania, but I had the opportunity to get acquainted with them and try them a little earlier.Iconic design, a legendary room and the most advanced processor.What could you like more about a state-of-the-art smartphone?Discover (almost) all the things that I know will love you enormously!

But we take it with the beginning. By mid -January - in a super exclusive international launch, which took place in the presence and with the focused support of the famous fashion photographer Rankin, an iconic character very important for any of us, those who work on magazines - I also find For the first time by Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21+, the new premium, revolutionary phones from Samsung. Sure, Rankin-who had already used the series of the series, the new Galaxy S21 Ultra, to make a professional shooting with artist Stefflon Don-was quite excited and told us in detail everything that can do the camera of such a phone in terms of Photos and video, and how each of these devices would be a game Changer for photos and vloggers everywhere, amateurs or professionals. However, professional deformation, in my mind, only one question for him, but also for Samsung - maybe this phones take quality enough photos to appear on the pretentious cover of a Glossy magazine?

You may ask yourself what would be so hard in it.Let's say that millions of pixels are needed at irreplaceable quality and seamless processing to obtain a cover photo capable of dealing with the printing process, beyond all the margins of human or technological error.Here comes the genius of a photographer like Rankin, but also the quality of the camera used to capture the perfect photo.

So, returning to what I was saying, I did not find out the answer to my question, but a few days before the official fierce of the phones for sale in Romania-which takes place today, January 29, in the partners' stores, but also onThe official website-the ones from Samsung decided to give me the opportunity to play with them, to test their capabilities as I find it appropriate, and then leave you some impressions about them.

Samsung Galaxy S21, noul smartphone care merită investiția

Cele mai grele, dar și mai cool situații sunt cele în care cineva îți spune „fă ce vrei tu”. Când auzi asta, ți se deschide o lume de posibilități, dar și un gol de anxietăți în stomac. Ce să fac mai întâi? Fotografia perfectă a micului dejun (văd că S21+ are un mod foto dedicat pentru așa ceva)? Un HyperLapse cu răsăritul (stau la etajul 9, ar fi o priveliște minunată, dacă aș avea un stativ pentru telefon)? Un SlowMotion sau poate chiar un Super Slow-Mo cu shake-ul meu de fructe de pădure care tocmai se învârte în blender? Să-mi imortalizez dezordinea de pe biroul de lucru de-acasă ori colecția de parfumuri, ori poate chiar pe mine, pentru un plus de credibilitate, jucându-mă BackDrop sau ColorPoint (caracteristci cool ale modului Portret care or să vă încânte)? Ori, mai bine, rog cu amic să îmi facă unvideo cu Director View sau un set de foto/video cu Single Take, prin simpla apăsare a unui buton, mai târziu, la sală? Greu, foarte greu de hotărât.

Well, my impression about the Galaxy S21+ and S21-after I played, indoor and outdoor, with their various video and photo functions, but also after a binging marathon on Netflix and a night video session-it is literally thatMy current life is far too boring for what (and especially how) are able to immortalize these two devices!Using them, I started to think of all the cool things I did on vacations and travel, all the unrepeatable moments I lived throughout my life-I would have taken such a gadget well?Oh yes.

Samsung say that these phones equipped with state-of-the-art innovations are specially designed for current times, respectively, with one purpose in mind: to transform every day into an epic one, giving you the opportunity to make the most of eachThe moment in your life and express your personality in your unique way, limited only by your own creativity and affinity with technology.I would say that the goal has been achieved-the two devices are complex enough to be able to enhance dozens of human states and emotions, and offer so many cool options (including a few learning bridges for those who want to doFilm and photography in the atypical contemporary context, ultra dynamic and deeply social), that they are perfectly able to help you find a creative voice.

That being said, I will leave below some of the technical and design specifications of the two gadgets that accompanied me these days.You know, things expressed in a slightly more tern language, but you must consider-how else will you know if one of these phones suits you and your style?

Almost everything you need to know about S21 and S21+

As you can see, there are, however, many things to know a priori of purchase, things that are compatible between devices and operating systems, how certain features work, and the degree of performance that these phones can differ.And depending on factors such as network, connectivity, use environment.So, before making an investment (the recommended prices start at 849 euros for S21, 1,049 euros for S21+ and 1,249 euros for S21 Ultra), I recommend you inform yourself very well (for more details, enter the official page).

And, yes, it was to forget ... as for the question we asked in the beginning - could we, Cosmopolitan, print on the cover a photo taken with Samsung Galaxy S21+ or S21?All that is possible, but, at the moment, not one made by me!

To make a comparison in the knowledge, read more useful things about the Galaxy range here.

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