Saints Row The Third Remastered and Automachef can be downloaded for free

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I do not think I am the kind of man to systematically check all the platforms when it comes to mocca games, so Reddit also helps.Therefore, I was pleasantly surprised when I was alerted about the games offered this week.

Where do you get Saints Row the Third Remastered and Automachef?

I think you already realized, but for the sake of discussion I will mention the platform.It is about the Epic Games Store, which has become accustomed to us weekly with at least one game offered by the apple.Saints Row the Third Remastered can already be downloaded, while Automachef will unlock today from 6 pm.

The first title should jump in your eyes if you are familiar with the multitude of Clone Theft Auto.Saints Row the Third is somewhat more ... nonconformist and dubious, for reasons that I cannot safely disclose.And the remastered variant improves the graphics and makes you see Steelport with other eyes.

Saints Row The Third Remastered și Automachef pot fi descărcate gratuit

Automachef is a sympathetic indie in which you need to design kitchens and robots to help you scroll your business automatically.There are no missing the puzzles and mechanics of resour management, so if you want something casual, but that will decrease your neurons, it would probably not hurt to try this title.

You still have time to download and the other two free games last week

Until today, at 6 pm you have the chance to get your hands on Void Bastards and Yooka - Laylee.The first title is a RogueLike FPS that puts the players to help the prisoners escape from a dangerous galaxy.Each Run will give the players a random character who possesses a unique set of skills and mechanics with which they can sail among the dangers.

Prisoners should be helped to escape, and this underlines the open-world approach.You have to choose the most suitable routes, you have to decide how you act to carry out the mission and you have to guide their ships through complex security systems.

Yooka-Laylee addresses those looking for an Old-Chool tin 3D platform.The game is a spiritual successor of Banjo Kazooie and is based on Open-World exploration helped by a system found in RPGs.Unlock movements and skills that can help you in adventure, you can equip potions that alter your playstyle and increase in level to unlock the regions you want.

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