Play Download Store: Where do you take the app and how to install

Time 09/07/2022 By mhb

The Play Store is the official application for the Android operating system on your smartphone or tablet, which allows you to install applications and games on the phone or access music, books and movies.

The Play Magazine application is pre -installed on Android phones and tablets, but on certain phones, such as Xiaomi, for example, it is necessary to download the application and install.

The Play Store is indispensable for the Android operating system because it allows the update to the last variant and, in addition, allows the installation of applications and games on the phone.

Certain applications can be installed on the phone without having a Play store by downloading the APK files.These can be manually installed on the phone, but it is more difficult to look for applications and then install.

Downloading and installing Play Store can be avoided by installing another alternative, Aptoid, for example.

Download Play Shop: What steps should be followed

Whether you choose the Play Store or another store, which must be installed manually by downloading the APK files there is the disadvantage of the security of these applications.

Magazin play descărcare: De unde iei aplicația și cum se instalează

The easiest and most secure way to install applications on Android phone is through the Play Magazine application.

First, in order to be able to install the Play Magazine application on the phone, the installation of applications from unknown sources must be activated.The activation of the function of installation application from unknown sources is made different depending on the version of the Android operating system.

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In the case of phones with an older Android version, "settings" must be accessed, where "security" is chosen and then the "unknown sources" function must be activated.

At phones that have a newer version of Android from version 8, the installation of applications from unknown sources are activated directly from the application that downloads the APK file.If you use Chrome to download the APK file, this feature should be activated in the Chrome application settings.

Steps needed to install Play Store on your phone or Android tablet

The Play Magazine app in APK can be found on the Internet in several sources, but not all are considered reliable.Among the most reliable sites to download the latest version of the Google Play store is the APKMIRROR website.

After download, the application can be installed.To do this, you have to look for the downloaded APK file, which is usually found in the "Download" folder.To find the APK file easier you can use a file manager.

From there, it must be pressed on the file and then the installation begins.Once you have been going through all these steps, the Play Store Magazine app will be installed on the phone.Now you just have to log in to your Google account and you can install Google Play applications and games.

On some Android devices, for the Play Magazine application to operate in the optimal parametric you have to install other applications.

If after installing the Magazine Play, give error, you must uninstall the app and then download and install the following APK files, in this order: Google Play Services, Google Account Manager, Google Services Framework, Google Contact Sync, Google Play Store andGoogle Contacts (here you need to choose the version for your phone).

After you have downloaded and installed the APK files, it is necessary to reinstate the Play Store.Subsequently, other Google applications can be installed.