Minister of Education: Teachers involved in assembling saliva tests receive days off

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Minister of Education Sorin Cîmpeanu said on Monday that teachers who will be involved in assembling saliva tests will receive days off.

Sorin Cîmpeanu announced that teachers who are involved in assembling saliva-based tests for students - given that they were distributed with separate components - will receive days off, stating that this is an effort they appreciate and that is made in the interest of health safety in schools.

Cîmpeanu stated that the assembly of the saliva tests has already been done in several counties, according to

"It is really a difficulty to assemble these tests into components. But this has already been done in many counties, we have the reports from the inspectorates. Secondly, this consumption of time by teachers is offset by the importance of the existence of these tests in schools. (...) For those colleagues who have already been involved and who will be involved, we have announced that the Ministry of Education, appreciating this effort made on days off, will compensate by days off, as far as possible. It is an effort that we recognize and appreciate, it is made in the interest of health safety in schools ", explained the Minister of Education.

He mentioned that the principal is the one who coordinates the test assembly operation in each school.

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"Every school has a principal. The principal is responsible for the management of that school, will call on fellow teachers, will call on teaching and auxiliary teaching staff, non-teaching staff and, where there is a very important role, I ask those who are employees of the Ministry of Health, nurses , to get involved in this process. I am convinced that they will get involved ", Sorin Cîmpeanu transmitted. He reminded that where these tests will be done in schools, the consent of the parents is needed, and if this is not possible, the tests are given to the students, who they will make them at home, under the supervision of their parents.

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Date of publication: 29-11-2021 09:59 Author: Medeea Dumitrache

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