Lenovo Tab P12 Pro is the first tablet in the world to get access to Android 12L Developer Preview

Time 16/12/2022 By myhoneybakedfeedback

The end of November has not only marked the launch of new chips from Qualcomm.Google has held a fairly important conference in which it announced details of new Android versions dedicated to tablets and TVs.Android 12L was announced a few days after the onset of smartphones dedicated to.It is a version of the operating system specially designed for tablets, foldable phones and Chrome OS devices.It seems that the first device to get access to this new version is Lenovo Tab P12 Pro.We have details below.

Currently Android 12L will be available in Variant Developer Preview for Lenovo Tab P12 Pro.Later this bone will come in beta version for both this device and other.Interestingly we find that Android 12L is not a version dedicated only to foldables, tablets and chromebooks.It will arrive on all models, even if the optimization will be seen in the case of large displays.But I think it will be useful for Motorola models with the Ready For or Samsung with DEX.

Lenovo Tab P12 Pro este prima tabletă din lume care primește acces la Android 12L Developer Preview

The first build now available for the Lenovo Tab P12 Pro tablet is now available for download, but dedicated to developers.Includes the Security Patch on November, and Lenovo claims that Android 12L “is the first Android bone that uses new APIs that give more freedom to app developers.It can bring a unique use experience in Landscape, and multitasking is very easy to do ”.

The Lenovo Tab P12 Pro tablet is not currently marketed in Romania.Also, Android 12L is a version dedicated to Alpha developers, so many bugs are present.According to Lenovo, the fingerprint or facial authentication does not work, and the stylus button is not recognized.It also does not work with no multi fingers, nor miracast function.It will take something until we see the update in the beta phase.