iPhone 15 Pro might not have physical slot for SIM card

Time 22/09/2022 By mhb

While the current iPhone models have a physical nano-SIM card slot and an ESIM, the article claims that the iPhone 15 Pro programate models in 2023 will instead have two esimals, keeping dual-SIM functionality.Dual-SIM mode allows you to have two telephony services on an iPhone, which is useful for purchasing data plans when traveling abroad or for having a personal number and one for a single smartphone.Given that the iPhone 15 Pro is two years after launch, this information should be treated with some skepticism until it is corroborated with information from other sources or receives an official confirmation.On the other hand, the elimination of the jack jack, the charger, etc. are just a few examples of information that at that time seemed stupid and which in time proved real.If the information turns out to be correct, the iPhone 15 Pro could still have a physical SIM card slot in the countries where ESIM service is not available.In Romania, in December 2021, Orange and Vodafone operators offer ESIM services on a limited number of devices, most Apple and Samsung.In short, Esim means allocating a phone number on a smartphone without using a physical card.For those who remember, a similar technology used Zapp mobile phones.Removing the slot for the SIM card could further improve the water resistance.Also, the information appeared that Apple will launch an iPhone without a port without a lightning connector in the future, and the lack of a SIM card slot would be another step towards a "really perfect" design.

iPhone 15 Pro ar putea să nu aibă slot fizic pentru cardul SIM