iPhone 13 Pro Max receives the prize for the best screen on the market;Here's where they excel according to Displaymate

Time 24/01/2023 By mhb

This year the new PROs in the iPhone 13 series arrive with a new display, promotion, with refresh of 120Hz (adaptive) rates.The ones from Displaymate analyzed the new panel in detail, performing complex tests in their laboratories.It seems that iPhone 13 Pro Max passed them with brio and excel at a lot of chapters.

The first test concerns the accuracy of the color displayed by the display.It seems that iPhone 13 Pro Max is factory calibrated to display gamut SRGB and DCI-P3.It seems that these shades are rendered with perfect accuracy.The display gets 0.5 JNCD (Just Noticeable Color Difference) for both formats.A score of less than 1 means that the difference with the naked eye is insensible.

Also the intensity and row of color does not seem to be affected by the content displayed.At the brightness test, the panel gets 1051 nits both when it comes to SRGB and in the DCI-P3 color gam..Auto setting for brightness indicates 846 nits.At the same time the iPhone 13 series supports HDR10 and Dolby Vision content.The brightness in this scenario reaches up to 1200 nits.Represents an advantage over other Displays and the True Tone function that automatically adjusts the image according to the ambient light.

iPhone 13 Pro Max primește premiul pentru cel mai bun ecran de pe piață; Iată unde excelează conform DisplayMate

iPhone 13 Pro Max does not disappoint even when it comes to viewing angles.He loses 24% of the light intensity viewed from a 30 degree angle.We also find that viewed by polarized sunglasses, the image is neither horizontal nor vertical.

I remind you that we are dealing with a LTPO OLED display of 6.7 inch diagonally, with a resolution of 1284 x 2778 pixels.The panel arrives with the promotion technology that automatically adjusts the refresh rate according to the content, ranging from 10 to 120Hz.However, Apple acknowledged that Third Party applications do not still benefit from this, even if they are compatible.Thus, the 120Hz refresh rate is currently valid only in the case of pre -installed applications.

All the details about the display analysis are here!