I like the public parking lots, an important source of income for the mayors.How smart systems work

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Public parking has become an important source of income for mayors, where intelligent surveillance systems are used and payment is accepted through applications.

Over 300 people downloaded the digital solution used in the capital, and a company from Cluj has implemented over one hundred automatic parking systems throughout the country..Follow the topic wide, on Saturday, at 10 o'clock in the show '' Ilike it ''.

In Romania, over nine million cars are registered in Romania.In too few of the big cities in the country, but sufficient parking spaces are provided.Solutions to effectively use existing ones are.In Cluj I met the engineers who have implemented over a hundred smart parking systems in malls, hospitals or public insistence..

Sorin Anghel, specialist parking systems: “We have an inductive loop, which does nothing but signal to the entry terminal the presence of the vehicle.In this moment the car is not on the inductive loop."

I like IT Parcările publice, o sursă importantă de venit pentru primării. Cum funcționează sistemele inteligente

LPR cameras are based on a software that helps recognize registration numbers, but constantly analyze the activity in parking.I know how many cars are stationed, which is the busiest time interval and helps to calibrate costs.

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The same is equally widespread..They were successful in Brasov, Sibiu, Timișoara, Cluj and Iași.Their great advantage is that they load from the sun.

Sorin Anghel, specialist sisteme inteligente de parcare: "Panoul solar, practic, încarcă tot echipamentul și nu mai este nevoie să lucrezi cu energie electrică de la rețeaua clasică."

In the capital, the authorities bet on an online system.Station in any of the public parking lots in the city can be paid through an app.

The app is available for both iOS and Android and is free.Once you have taken into account your guidance to the nearest parking spaces in the area where you are in.Basically it is a way you can secure a parking place even before you reach the stop point, and everything happens through a single click.

In Cluj, on the other hand, we could soon see intelligent bicycles intelligent parking.In a single tower can be stationed over 100 bicycles.500.000 euros should pay the municipality for a single parking.

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