I like IT The expected launches from Apple, expected on October 18. What the new M1X processor brings

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Last update: 14-10-2021 10: 52Expected launches from Apple, expected on ... Apple will launch new products on October 18, at eve ...

Apple will launch a series of products on October 18. What innovations the Cupertino giant is preparing, we find out at iLikeIT.

The annual event hosted by Apple always brings new product launches, and information about them always comes from unofficial sources. Marian Andrei gathered all this information at iLikeIT.

Marian Andrei: "On October 18, Apple will hold an event whose theme is 'unleashed' and clearly refers to a product that we have been waiting for some time, new laptops from the Macbook Pro series, with the new M1X processor. Last year, Apple launched their own processor, the Apple Silicon M1. It is a processor derived from the one used on iPhone 12 and 13 Pro, and is of the system-on-the-chip type. That is, all the components, the video card, the ram memory, the storage, are put on a single chip, and this gives it a lot of power per watt consumed. I mean, I've been using a Macbook Pro with the M1 processor for a few months now, and what I felt, the average consumer, and what I felt when I switched to my own processor, what I felt was much better battery life, meaning the battery lasts me two -three days of regular use and it's enough to charge my laptop once a week ... well, this hasn't happened to me since Nokia 3310. So, what I'm saying is that "unleashed" a newer processor, and jokes have already appeared on the Internet about this processor, look, Intel and AMD are holding each other in their arms crying, because somewhere behind it comes the M1X processor. There are rumors that Apple will put an SD reader on their laptops and an HDMI port. "

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Date of publication: 14-10-2021 10:14 Author: Marian Andrei

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