I like IT iLikeIT. Apple Air Tag, the device for people who often lose personal belongings

Time 06/01/2022 By mhb

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An edition dedicated to those who often lose personal items, presented by Marian Andrei.

There are small tracking devices that can be placed on the keys, wallet or backpack. And I send the exact position to the mobile phone so that the lost things can be found immediately.

Air Tag is Apple's newest device for tracking personal items. The device connects via Bluetooth to the mobile phone and provides the exact location of the attached object.

As the phone approaches the device, it starts sounding.

Air Tag works with a watch battery and costs 170 lei.

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iLikeIT, May 8, 2021. Full show

For those who do not own an Apple phone, there are other similar products, including Samsung Smarthings Tag.

More details in the video!

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Date of publication: 13-05-2021 10:04 Author: Marian Andrei

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