I can't find a "play shop" in the phone!How do you solve the problem in a few simple steps

Time 21/05/2022 By mhb

Intelligent phones that use the Android operating system have, in the vast majority, the Play Magazine application, representing the customization center for all these dispositors.If you do not find a play shop in the phone there are a few ISIMIM solutions.

From the Play store you can access, download, install, update and/or use content of different types, such as applications, games, music, movies or TV shows, electronic books.

If Root has been made to Android or the Play Magazine application does not exist, then it can be downloaded and installed, respectively update on the phone.

I can't find a "play shop" in the phone: what is this app

The Play Store is an application created by Google based on which you can download and install various type applications, including games, and multimedia content can be accessed from Android devices.

At the moment, there are several million applications on the Play Store, and the application developers or digital content can distribute their products.

Through the Play Store, Android phone users can have free or paid access to a varied multimedia content or install applications or games.

How do you download and install "Play Store"

Nu găsesc „Magazin Play“ în telefon! Cum rezolvi problema în câțiva pași simpli

Downloading, installing, updating or accessing the Play store can only be done on the basis of an existing Google account.

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For the manual installation of the appliance, you must activate the application installation option from unknown sources because as a safety measure, the standard android settings do not allow the installation of third -party applications or games.This setting can be modified, thus allowing the installation of applications that does not exist in Google Play, for example.

To activate the option, you must access settings, after which security.There must be checked the unknown sources.Downloading the play store can be done from apkmirror.com, the name of the apliation being Google Play Store.To install the application, open the file that contains the Google Play Store app, which has the .apk extension.In the window will appear the installed button, which must be operated.

After the installation ends, close the window by pressing the finished button or opens the Play Store, pressing the open button.The application can be accessed later from the screen with main applications.

Update the "Play" Application app

The "Magazin Play" application is set to automatically update when a newer version is available.Depending on the settings and the type of internet connection (through 3G/4G or Wi-Fi), however, it can be updated to a new version can only be done manually.

The update can be done from the "Play Store" application or by downloading the Play Magazine and separate reinstallation.

The easiest way to update is directly from the application, from the Settings menu.

If the Play Store cannot be accessed, you must do update by manually reinstalling the application.

Updating Google Play is optional, the Android system and installed applications operating without any problem.However, there are situations when without the latest version you will not be able to install applications or games, respectively you cannot download digital content.In these cases, the update operation (update) will have to be done manually, according to the two modes presented.