Huawei Freebuds Studio Review: Wireless over-ear headphones with advanced ANC system, premium design and HIFI audio chip + integrated L2HC code

Time 09/04/2022 By mhb

For most of us, the “Freebuds” model automatically reminds us of the true wireless in-ear headphones launched by Huawei a few years ago. But since the end of October, at the Huawei launch event, the FreeBuds series has embraced a new member, namely Freebuds Studio, the Chinese manufacturer's first over-ear headphones with an advanced ANC system. And because Christmas is fast approaching, it can certainly be a gift-inspired idea to surprise your loved ones with a unique holiday gift.

Premium construction with a minimalist design, very comfortable to wear

From the first contact with Freebuds Studio you realize that they are a pair of premium wireless headphones. We have a quality construction with top materials that are pleasant to the touch, all of which are integrated into a product that weighs approximately 260 grams. The cylindrical stainless steel arms are matte in color, and the cups and headphone straps are wrapped in a very comfortable protein leather that does not create thermal discomfort. Moreover, thanks to the acoustic architecture of Tee Audio Tube, abbreviated TAT, Freebuds Studio automatically balances the air pressure in the ears, thus offering a pleasant user experience, even after a long time.

Perfectly balanced sound with an advanced ANC system

Freebuds Studio comes with a HiFi audio chip and professional acoustic components, all to provide a truly unique listening experience with complex, tear-jerking details. Thanks to the implemented L2HC codec, the headphones support a stable and fast transfer speed with speeds up to 960kbps. Thus, the transfer of audio files takes place without losing quality and with the help of headphones you will be able to enjoy listening sessions at a top quality.

Now, leaving all the numbers and specifications aside, from my user experience I can say that these headphones have a perfectly balanced sound. Both the highs and the mids are very precise, and on the bass side I can say that in this chapter Freebuds are perfectly optimized, without exaggeration.

Huawei Freebuds Studio Review: Căști wireless over-ear cu sistem avansat de ANC, design premium și cip audio HIFI + cod L2HC integrat

And obviously, the advanced integrated ANC system also contributes a lot to the whole flawless audio experience. Thus, the cancellation of the background noise takes place through an advanced system consisting of 8 microphones, of which 4 are of high sensitivity, these being strategically placed, two on each side. The beauty of this ANC system is that it is a dynamic type, so that through the microphone system and an IMU sensor the headphones will automatically detect the environment you are in and will automatically adjust the noise cancellation mode.

In addition to Dynamic mode, through the Huawei AI Life application, we can choose between 3 other modes of canceling ambient noise such as:

What's more, with a simple push of a built-in physical button on your left headset, you can easily and quickly switch from ANC Mode to Awareness Mode, allowing you to hear the sounds around you, even while listening to your favorite songs.

Stable connection with several devices at the same time and quick control with a few taps

On the connectivity side, Freebuds Studio headphones can connect to multiple devices via Bluetooth at the same time and are compatible with most smartphones. The only downside I noticed is that the Huawei AI Life app, which gives you full control over them and the ANC system, is currently only available in the Huawei App Gallery and Google PlayStore. As an iOS user, I felt a little disadvantaged in this regard, but the app will definitely be available for Apple users soon. The headset comes with Bluetooth 5.2 and two built-in signal antennas, all to provide the widest possible coverage and a stable connection with your phone even if it's in your backpack, purse or bag.

Huawei Freebuds come with 3 physical buttons, namely: Power button, pairing button and ANC button and for easy control in terms of song playback, their volume and navigation in your favorite playlist you will use their touch surface. This provides you with the following gestures: swipe up and down to control the volume, swipe left and right to change the songs played, double tap to answer calls or play / pause function and if you hold down the touchpad for 2 seconds you will reject the incoming call, or turn on your phone's specific voice assistant. And let's not forget, the headphones have a headset sensor, which automatically detects if they are placed on your ears and will turn on the music automatically. This is also true when you download them.

Up to 24 hours battery life and fast charging technology

And now let's move on to the loading side. Freebuds Studio can be charged via a USB Type-C port. A full charge takes up to 60 minutes and offers up to 24 hours of continuous playback or up to 20 hours with the ANC function active. If you have times when time will not be on your side, a quick 10-minute charge can provide up to 8 hours of playback with the ANC function turned off. But keep in mind that this quick charge only happens when the battery level is low.

Price and availability

Huawei Freebuds Studio are available in two colors: black and gold and at the time of this review it is sold at a price of approximately 1299 lei. Even though they are the first over-ear headset model launched by Huawei in this segment, we can say that Freebuds Studio is a pair of high-end headphones with potential for music lovers.

So all that remains to be done is to order them and put them under the Christmas tree, either for you or for your loved ones.

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