How do you disable auto -download pictures on WhatsApp [Video]

Time 12/08/2022 By mhb

If you have a slower internet connection or not a lot of internet traffic, learn how to disable automatic downloads on WhatsApp.

Lots of documents can be shipped on WhatsApp.Especially since the Cross-Platform Chat application is compatible with PCs or MACs, there is no more limitation in this regard..Whether we are talking about pictures, video clips, PDFs, Word or Excel files, any file can be sent to a friend.

However, the files can cause a problem to the recipient.By default, at least on Wi-Fi, the automatic download of all files received in the phone is activated.Might be active even on 3G.This means that if you have a slower smartphone or a problem with the storage space, you may frustrate.

The best solution would involve know how to disable the auto download of the pictures on WhatsApp and all other types of documents incurred.Ideally, it would be to disable and automatically save the pictures and clips received in the film roller.The whole process requires only a few steps and a little attention.The program menu is the same on both Android and iOS, so you should not have difficulty taking advantage of this tutorial.

Cum dezactivezi descărcarea automată a pozelor pe WhatsApp [VIDEO]

In the situation where you have decided you want to learn how to disable auto-download pictures on WhatsApp, the first gesture you have to do is enter the program and make a TAP to the bottom right on settings.Here you are interested in the section Using mobile data and storage space.Access each section, pictures, audio, video clips and documents, taking care to tick each case on the media automatic discharge.Come back to the previous menu, make a tap on the convict.from conversations or chat and disappears rescue in roller film.

From the same moment, whatever someone will send you will be appeared to have an arrow and hold on to you whether you download it or not.In the case of pictures, only you decide if you want them to be saved in the movie roll or it is enough to see them in WhatsApp.