How do you download a copy of your Facebook account

Time 10/08/2022 By mhb

If you have ever been interested in downloading a copy of your Facebook account, well the company that owns the social network gives you the opportunity to download an archive that contains all the information published by you on your own account.

Facebook is just one of the companies that offer the opportunity to make user accounts archives and this in the idea of allowing them to return to the use of their services in the situation in which they will ever decide to temporarily close their account.

How to make a copy of the Facebook account

To make a copy of the Facebook account must:

Cum descarci o copie a contului tau Facebook

The respective archive can be unzipped with a program for unzip and you will be able to access all the data saved by your Facebook company for your account.

What data is saved

According to Facebook, the archive that contains a copy of your Facebook account has all the pictures and videos published by you in the account, but also all the conversations worn with various friends through the messenger system, so you can have everything in the computer.

The files with your data may have different dimensions depending on the age in the network and the multimedia content, so we are talking about archives that can have hundreds of MB, GB or even tens of GB, the multimedia files being saved in their normal format..

According to Facebook, this is the entire list of data saved:

What is the utility?

An archive with a copy of your Facebook account could be very useful when you decide to delete your account from the social network, but you do not want to lose all the available data, Facebook saving everything about your account, withA wide range of data that can be restored if you are thinking of reopening your account.