How much does it cost you to replace the broken screen for Galaxy Z Fold 3 or Z Flip 3?Cheaper operation than predecessor models

Time 24/09/2022 By myhoneybakedfeedback

Next week on August 26, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3, the new foldables from Samsung, come with screen, processor and small aesthetic adjustments..These are cheaper than the predecessor models and as we have informed you, there are a number of special offers at pre-order, both bonuses and a reduction of 500 lei for purchase.

If you are still thinking whether or not to buy such a foldable, it would be good to know what expenses the possible repairs are up, and the foldable screen can be one of the key components that may over.Today we find out how much the display is replaced, and the relatively good news is that the process is cheaper than in last year's models.

The prices remain high, however, that if you need to replace the foldable screen on Z Fold 3 you will have $ 480 (VS.$ 550 Z Fold 2).The external one costs $ 150 to change it (vs.$ 140 Z Fold2).As for the Galaxy Z Flip 3, here the replacement of the interior screen will cost you $ 370, and the external $ 100 (VS.$ 500 internal, $ 100 external on z flip).

Cât te costă înlocuirea ecranului stricat pentru Galaxy Z Fold 3 sau Z Flip 3? Operațiunea mai ieftină decât la modelele predecesor

We find that the trend of reducing these costs is maintained so a screen changed for the first fold cost $ 600.Those who want to benefit from Extra Protection can choose the Samsung CI+ program that offers a discount on screen and some free repairs.And there is a special pre-order offer on the Samsung website and to partners that brings you 1 year by Samsung Care+ for Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3.

The special price for replacing the main screen in case of damage is 639 lei for Fold 3, respectively 469 lei for Z Flip 3.eMAG is one of the partners who offer this benefit, retailer that has the following prices for phones: