Died electrocuted while listening to music on your mobile

Time 18/03/2023 By myhoneybakedfeedback

A young man from India died electrocuted while listening to music, on his headphones.

The victim, aged 27, is Sunil Yuvne, and the death occurred over the weekend.The man was electrocuted while listening to the music at the mobile phone headphones, which was charged.He was immediately taken to the hospital, in Jajalpur, by his family, but he was pronounced dead, informs Fox News.

It is not known what kind of phone the young man was using, it is only known that the charger's thread had some problems, which most likely triggered everything.

A murit electrocutat in timp ce asculta muzica la telefonul mobil

The risk of dying so is very rare.Even so, however, the case is not singular.In April, a woman from Malaysia died on her birthday, after being electrocuted while talking on the cell phone charging.There was another case in 2013 with a woman who died in similar dandites.

It had come out of the shower to answer the phone, also uploaded.An expert then declared for CNN that many incidents and even tragedies may occur due to overheating.The blame can be cheap charges, possibly a different model than the phone, in which the wires are not well isolated.

Lately, mobile phones have triggered all kinds of incidents, some of them even leading to deaths.The model that created the most issues is currently Samsung Galaxy Note 7.