Google would have taken into account the purchase of Epic Games, the creator Fortnite during the scandal with removing from the store

Time 14/08/2022 By myhoneybakedfeedback

Epic Games is among the companies that started the rebellion against the Apple and Google giants, refusing to give 30% of its income just because they have the Fortnite game listed in their stores.As such Fortnite was removed from the App Store and Play Store, and now we find that Google wanted at one point to solve the problem by buying Epic Games.

New documents from the process between Epic and Google came to light, revealing these underneath.Google had taken into account the acquisition of Epic Games at one point, which would have offered access to the huge base of fortnite players, but also to the Epic Games Store and its offers that attract so many people.The legal dispute between the two companies was initiated by Epic belongs to the antitrust category.Epic added a few amendments to his complaint and returned to judges last month.

Creatorul lui Fortnite afirmă în documente că Google s-ar fi simţit ameninţată de planurile sale de a fenta Play Store şi a oferit Fortnite prin alte canale, prin sideloading.Even internal documents were revealed that called the Epic plans a "plague", which threatened Google.The antitrust case, however, has the same basis that I saw in processes with Apple and Amazon, namely that Google has divided their profits with other companies to ensure that they collaborate with this giant and do not go to competition.

Google ar fi luat în calcul cumpărarea Epic Games, creatorul Fortnite în timpul scandalului cu scoaterea din Store

Plans to buy Epic Games would have appeared at Google around 2018, when the Fortnite launch was preparing on Android.The game manufacturer would have received a special offer to launch Fortnite in the Play Store, and a Google Play manager would have criticized the sideloading process, which has over 15 steps and was not intuitive for the user..I remind you that to download Fortnite you had to take an installer at some point and authenticate in the Epic Games account, PlayStation account or others where you had progress in the game.

The documents of the process also appear from Google, who acknowledge that they are put in wheels to those who want to download applications from non play store sources, creating those additional steps.Thus the monopoly appears and the developers are limited.The epic process was recently associated with one filed by American states against Google, also on the theme Antitrust.

Google would put intentional barriers to users and developers, restricting the App Stores Third Party and discouraging direct downloads of applications.