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Millions of Romanians are fueled with fear, mistrust and hatred by doctors, politicians, journalists or influencers who promote anti-vaccinism.

Facebook gives the illusion that they are right, while the authorities watch from the sidelines. We find the result in the statistics of Covid deaths, according to a documentary made by journalists from Free Europe.

76,000 messages containing the word "vaccine" were posted on Romanian Facebook pages in the last year.

They have gathered more than 15 million reactions.

Along with some televisions, the platform was the main engine of promotion of the anti-vaccineists. More often than not, the two media have merged and helped roll out pseudo-scientific information or, worse, gross misinformation.

Politicians, journalists or doctors put their shoulders to a fourth wave of the extremely virulent pandemic and took advantage of Romanians' weaknesses and lack of confidence in the vaccine.

The price of this misinformation: thousands of deaths per week

Not the belief that vaccines are bad was, most of the time, behind the attempts to spread lies, but the desire to get on a rising wave of populism, to become more known, to gather as many people as possible and radicalize them.

Free Europe: The mechanism of disinformation. How they are social networks invaded with anti-vaccinationist messages - Alba24

All at the cost of thousands of dead people every week, an overwhelmed medical system and an increasingly shaky democracy.

On Tuesday, Romania counted a black record since the beginning of the pandemic: 591 deaths of some COVID patients.

One million views, two, even two and a half, tens of thousands of shares in already radicalized groups, thousands of likes and comments on each post.

This is the sad picture of pseudo-truth without scientific arguments, without verified information, with ideas taken out of context and thousands of rhetorical questions.

Free Europe makes an extensive analysis of the online posts and the methods by which anti-vaccinist messages are propagated by characters such as Diana Șoșoacă, Gigi Becali, Luis Lazarus or Cristian Terheș.

The four have monopolized the vaccine-related discourse on social media.

This, while some politicians, journalists or doctors apologized for the conspiracy, the state watched indifferently from the sidelines, feeding even more the idea that everything is fabricated.

The whole disinformation mechanism can be read here.

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  1. Garda

    Wednesday, 03.11.2021 at 08:34

    Even if there are similar banks, only fools don't get vaccinated! The unvaccinated should wear a collar, so that the world knows who to beware of!


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