Florin Roman demands the resignation of Dalia Dărămuș, the daughter of the head of the IȘJ Alba, from a position she got without competition - Alba24

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PNL deputy Florin Roman publicly requested the resignation of Dalia Dărămuș from the headship of the Romanian Center for the Development of Professional and Technical Education. Roman claims that she reached the management of that institution because "she is his mother's girl" and did not participate in a contest. This is the daughter of the head of IȘJ Alba, Marcela Dăramuș.

Dalia Mircea - Dărămuș had a brilliant career, if we take into account her CV on the institution's website. In the year in which she completed her master's degree, i.e. in 2013, she became "legal advisor I - officer verifying financed projects" within the UR POSDRU Centru, where she dealt, she says, with the verification of refund requests, VAT refunds and pre-financing requests, including the public procurement procedures carried out, but also "on-the-spot checks for strategic projects and distributed grants".

In March 2014, the daughter of the head of the IȘJ Alba became a legal advisor – officer for verification of financed projects at UR POSDRU MEN Bucharest, Ilfov, where she stayed until March 2017. Then she moved to UR POCU MEN to a position of legal advisor– public procurement verification officer.

Florin Roman calls for the resignation of Dalia Dăramuș, daughter to the head of IȘJ Alba, from a position she got without a contest - Alba24

Although in the positions she held she had important responsibilities related to the thorough verification of some documents, Dalia Mircea - Dărămuș has some possible mistakes in her CV. He says that he specialized, among other things, in the "protection of classified information" at the National Academy of Information "Mihai Viteazul", University 1 Decembrie 1918 Alba Iulia. Specialization does not exist in Alba Iulia. This is probably an error.

"The lady got there because she is her mother's girl, not as a result of her professional skills, she did not participate in a competition and basically to install her mother's girl at the head of professional and technical education at the national level they were given to partly people who mean the parents of professional and technical education in Romania, such as Mrs. Madlen Șerban..." declared Roman.

Photo: Marcela and Dalia Dărămuș, AlbaTV video capture

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  1. Red Plague

    Friday, 26.01.2018 at 21:59

    Well, how did the head of IJS end up? maybe the lady will tell us that she has just been "propelled"🙂


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