Digi offers for rent a WiFi 6 compatible over for only 3 lei per month

Time 30/01/2023 By myhoneybakedfeedback

Since last year Digi brought a first wireless router to offer.This is the TP-Link AX10 AX1500, a budget router but offers quite high speeds and stable connections.However, for its installation an ont was needed to connect fiber optic.Well Digi has brought the first compatible wifi 6 on offer for some time.This is the Huawei HG8147x6 model.We have details about it below.

Motivul pentru care abonații optau în trecut pentru un router era lipsa benzii de 5GHz pe ONT.Well, Huawei HG8147x6 supports this band, and the monthly cost to receive it is 3 lei per month.In addition to the WiFi 6 connectivity offered by the new ont without the need for a router, it also brings CATV port.This means that users will not need separate equipment for cable television.

He also offers a Wan Port, 4 Gigabit Lan ports, landline port (RJ11) and a USB port. Vine cu tehnologie 2x2 MIMO și are două antene a câte 5dBi fiecare.Speeds would reach up to 574 Mbps on 2.4 GHz and 2402 Mbps in case of 5GHz band.It has Beamforming, Band Steering and Supports SIP, DNS Customer, Nat, NAT, IPV6 and OMCI/TR-069/Web Management.

Digi oferă spre închiriere un ONT compatibil WiFi 6 pentru doar 3 lei pe lună

It is worth mentioning that this ont cannot be used in Bridge mode.He is already strong enough, not needing another router.Thus, Digi will no longer prevail for orders for the WiFi 6 TP-Link10 AX1500 router if customers already have the new ont installed.However, if they are subscribers who justify the need for the router for a mesh network, for example, Digi will be able to take the order.

It is clearly an upgrade to the "classic" ONTs that were found so far in the Digi offer and operated on a band of 2.4GHz.