Did you send an SMS by mistake?Here's how you can delete it from the recipient's phone

Time 14/09/2022 By myhoneybakedfeedback

Did you send an SMS by mistake?Maybe you have confused the recipient or maybe, after pressing "send", do you regret the message?In these cases, you would be good for a "anointed" type option, so that the message already sent to disappear, both from your phone and especially from the recipient.

The option exists, in the form of a mobile phone application called Privates and has a function that makes the message sent to return to you, before being read by the recipient, according to The Independent.

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You will have to hurry, however, because if the recipient has started to open the message, the evil is already done.

For now, this application can enjoy those using the iOS operating system.

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Isaac Datikashvili came up with the idea of the application.Privates allows users three levels of security: easy, wild and crazy.That is, messages automatically wipes after 3, 12, respectively 24 hours.Attention, however, the condition is that the text has not been read.

Doctor of the job, Isaac thinks that in the future he could use a private application for medical sheets.