What can you do with an old smartphone? (P)

Time 16/01/2022 By mhb

Surveillance camera

If you have an old smartphone and you don't use it anymore, you can turn it into a surveillance camera. Download a special application and mount the phone wherever you want (for this, you can use for example a car holder with a suction cup). It is important that the phone is powered on.

Children's camera

There are several applications that can help a child take and edit photos from an old smartphone. No wireless is required for camera operation, and then images can be transmitted over Wi-Fi or a wired connection.

Game system

Nowadays, there are a lot of mobile games on many smartphones , both for iPhone and Android. Most do not even require an Internet connection. If you have a smartphone that is idle, you can turn it into a dedicated gaming system.

Wireless webcam

If you don't have a desktop webcam, you can use your old smartphone. Free software such as DroidCam and EpocCam allow you to easily turn a smartphone into a PC webcam.

Alarm clock

Many new smart devices allow you to better manage your time, but you may not want a microphone in the bedroom (as Lenovo Smart Clock has, for example). Instead, you can turn the big screen of your old smartphone into an alarm clock.

To do this, you will need to download an alarm clock application via Wi-Fi. Put the phone on a stand and that's it.


Most streaming media devices come with their own remote control. But, these remote controls are quite small, and sometimes you just lose it. Instead of buying a new remote control, you can use your old smartphone. Each service has its own mobile application. Download the application, connect the account and you can use the phone as a remote control.


If you like books and comics, you may want to consider buying an e-Reader. But if you have an old smartphone, you can use it as an e-book. Download the Amazon Kindle or iOS or Android app and look for free ebooks or buy new ones.

Listen to podcasts or audio books

With an old smartphone, you can listen to audio books or podcasts. Carry it with you when you're at home or connect it to a Bluetooth speaker for some surround literature.

Media player

If you subscribe to any music streaming service, you have access to almost any song. Set up your old device with a charging cradle and put on your headphones or connect your phone to a bluetooth speaker. That's all.

If you want to buy a better smartphone, you don't have to throw away the old one or put it in the drawer. You can be creative and reuse it. Maybe one of the ideas above is exactly what you need. Come to evoMAG for samsung galaxy phone, huawei phone, samsung galaxy a51, huawei p40 lite and many more.