The "Black Pantera" is about to become one of the most profitable movies

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The film "Pantera Black" records an unexpectedly high success at box office, being the second consecutive weekend when leading in the top of the revenue in the United States.

According to The Telegraph, the film made by Disney and Marvel studios managed to get about $ 108 million in the weekend.

Thus, this film becomes the 4th film in history exceeding $ 100 million in the US, in the second weekend, along with "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" ($ 149 million) "Jurassic World"($ 106.6 million) and" The Avengers "($ 103.1 million).

In America, in total, after only 2 weeks, the "black panther" obtained $ 400 million, and internationally $ 704 million.

In China, which is the world's largest film market, this Hollywood production will be released on March 9.

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"Pantera neagră", un film cu eroi exclusiv de culoare, a avut premiera la Londra

"Any prediction you have for the black panther, add 20 % and maybe you will be close.Now, the question is not whether it will reach $ 1 billion, but how far it will exceed this figure, "says Paul Dergarabedian, media analyst at Comscore.

The avengers have a new king: "Black Panther"

In 2016, the Marvel Cinematographic Universe welcomed T'Challa/Black Pantera and introduced this character in the production of "Captain America: Civil War", a film that beat countless records and started a fight between avengers..

The movie "Black Panther / Pantera Black" is distributed by the Film Romania Forum and had the premiere on February 16, 2018, in 3D format, IMAX 3D and 4DX.

With this fascinating story as a starting point, the filmmakers wanted to find the most suitable actors, to play with Chadwick Boseman (T'Challa).

Among them are Michael B.Jordan, who plays the role of Erik Killmonger, a mercenary who hates T'Challa.And Lupita Nyong'o is Nakia, a spy that infiltrates the countries outside Wakandei, to observe and report the royal family.

Chadwick Boseman returns to the role of the black panther and tells about his character: “T'challa is intelligent and a very good strategist, and this has always attracted my attention, even in the comics.He is the leader of a nation and has a huge responsibility, taking into account his place in that world.It is a feature that superheroes do not usually have, but they must maintain and carry on their inheritance.It is a very interesting combination."

The mythical world of the black panther

Filmările pentru „Pantera neagră" au început în ianuarie 2017 şi s-au încheiat în aprilie, în acelaşi an, având loc la Pinewood Studios în Atlanta şi în Busan, Coreea de Sud.From the perspective of the filmmakers, Wakanda has a huge potential, and the team has prepared intensely to bring this realm on the big screens.

In Marvel mythology, this poor African realm is, in fact, the place where the vibranium is found, a very precious metal.With this, technology, knowledge and power also appeared.It's just a look to see that behind the mask, Wakanda is a futuristic realm, with a rooted culture in African traditions.

Most decorations were built in Atlanta.

Starting from a thorough research, the production designer Hannah Beachler and the director Ryan Coogler had a marathon sessions in which they shared photos and ideas from their visits to Africa.With the help of this collaboration, Beachler brought something extra to the comics made by Kirby in 1966.

An important role in portraying this land played the costumes and makeup, made by Ruth Carter and Joel Harlow, who had a difficult task to capture the souls and energy of the people in Wakanda.

Filmul „Black Panther / Pantera neagră" de la Studiourile Marvel urmăreşte povestea lui T’Challa, care, după moartea tatălui său, Regele din Wakanda, se reîntoarce acasă la poporul african izolat, dar extrem de avansat din perspectivă tehnologică, pentru a face succesiunea la tron şi a-şi lua locul cuvenit drept rege.

But when an old and powerful opponent reappears, the character of king of T'Challa-as well as the temperament of the black panther-is tested when it is drawn into an extraordinary conflict, which is at risk the fate of Wakanda and the whole world.

Faced with betrayal and danger, the young king must gather his allies and release the entire force of the black panther, to defeat the enemies and to secure the safety of his people and their way of living.