Apple advertises at the Beats headphones with a Galaxy S21, then removes it from advertising after online shaming

Time 23/01/2023 By myhoneybakedfeedback

Occupied editors as we are, we missed the story with Apple who used a Samsung Galaxy S21 in new advertisement for Beats Studio Buds.This happens on July 1-2, 2021, and the headphones had been announced in the middle of June.Well how the story evolved and what Apple did in the end below.

Apple is the last company to use a rival product to promote their own.Rather see tweets of influencers on iPhone to promote a Huawei, Samsung, OnePlus or others.Even recently I had a case with OnePlus promoting the Samsung S-Pen stylus by mistake.Returning to Apple, however, Marketing Materials for Beats Studio Buds have a galaxy S21 in the foreground.

This is happening on the official Amazon US page and the promotion is to deal with the fact that these headphones support Pairing One Touch with Apple and Android terminals, via Bluetooth.Apple may have wanted to attract the audience with Android phones to these headphones.This is especially because the Beats app on Android also offers facilities: the level of details, control settings, updates and others.

Apple face reclamă la căşti Beats cu un Galaxy S21, apoi îl scoate din reclama după shaming online

Apple goes excellently on the wireless headphone market, the predictions of the Ming-Chi Kuo analyst showing that it will sell 100 million units the following year.A few days after the Galaxy S21 advertisement was advertised, Apple immediately removed the rival phone from that page and posted only a promotional picture as you can see below with the "compatible with Apple and Android".

It seems that Apple reacted to the titles of tech publications and sites and took the respective advertisement.However, we are talking about Samsung and Apple, who have been judged for years for designs and patents and would have paid damages in trucks with coins (something proven to be an urban legend, but we like to believe that Samsung would becould do that).