A smart and multifunctional piece of furniture, assembled in Târgu Mureș. What it is

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The trend of using technology to create smart and multifunctional urban furniture is gaining more and more ground in the big cities in Romania.

The newest "invention" is a smart bank, unique in the country, which was installed in Târgu Mureș. Stylishly designed, it can already be used by passers-by. They can charge their mobile phones, connect to the internet and even get information about the temperature or air quality.

The smart bank is installed right in the city center. It looks like a huge cube without walls, is covered, has a capacity of 8 seats and works with the help of solar panels. Made entirely of aluminum, it is the only one of its kind in Romania.

Nagy Roland, representative: "It is through a pilot program, to promote smart solutions in our area. The plan is further for Cluj, Bucharest, Timișoara and in all localities where there will be demand. 10.06 of these dimensions is unique in the world, and in Romania it is the first."

A smart and multifunctional furniture body, assembled in Târgu Mureș. What is it about

The aluminum cube has already been tested by dozens of curious people.

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Participant: "It seems very ok to me." There should be more around here. It works, it's cool, very useful, I'm really glad it's here in town."

Participant: "You can also use the internet, it's very practical. It's very beautiful, I like it."

Participant: "I think it will be a good idea for the whole city. Someone running out of battery needs internet. It will come in handy.”

For now, the town hall received this model free of charge. In the next six months it will be tested and then the authorities will decide whether they will acquire other smart banks.

Soos Zoltan, mayor of Târgu Mureș: "We will test the bank and analyze the citizen's need for these technologies and we are seriously considering investing in such banks."

The price of a bank of this kind starts from 4 thousand euros and can reach up to 12 thousand euros, depending on the size.

Currently they are manufactured in Hungary, but the establishment of a smart urban furniture factory in Târgu Mureș is also being considered.

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