The 14 -year -old girl killed in her sleep by a phone that has exploded

Time 21/03/2023 By myhoneybakedfeedback

A 14-year-old girl from Kazakhstan was killed by a phone that exploded while she was sleeping, the phone being left on charge overnight, which caused the battery to explode. The girl fell asleep listening to music while her phone was charging, but because it was left on a pillow, it probably overheated to the point where the battery cracked and exploded, killing the young woman.

Being placed right next to the girl's head, the phone exploded and caused her a fatal wound, and that's how we learn about a new tragedy based on the most dangerous component in mobile phones. The girl's parents discovered her dead in the morning of the second day, and after a forensic examination it was discovered that the phone exploded somewhere near the morning, and the battery is considered to be the culprit of this tragedy.

14-year-old girl KILLED IN SLEEP by a Phone that EXPLODED

Of course, the brand of smartphone that exploded on the girl's head has not been revealed, it is not known if the battery was an original one, or counterfeit, even if that cable used for charging was original or counterfeit. Unfortunately, in the vast majority of cases of this kind, extremely important details are not provided that could help people make the right decisions when it comes to replacing batteries or buying charging cables.

14-year-old girl KILLED in her SLEEP a Phone that EXPLODED

“A schoolgirl died after her charging smartphone exploded on her pillow while she was sleeping. Alua Asetkyzy Abzalbek, 14, went to bed listening to music at her village home in Bastobe, Kazakhstan. The next morning, she was found dead, her phone battery exploding near her head. Police said her device had been plugged into an outlet."

It is always recommended not to leave your phones charging in places where they could overheat, they heat up a lot anyway, but placing them between pillows, between beds, sheets, substantially increases the risk of explosion. It is also not recommended, from many points of view, to sleep with phones under your head, in your pocket, etc., and regardless of the situation, you should place them at least one meter from your body.

This tragedy should be a very strong alarm signal for many people, and maybe there will be people who will understand from here that they have to be careful how they charge their phones.