TD Tech: Huawei Sells Its Phones Through a New Company

Time 08/04/2023 By myhoneybakedfeedback

TD Tech is the new name under which the phones developed by Huawei will be sold worldwide, thanks to a special partnership concluded between the two Chinese companies so that the technologies developed by the Chinese company do not disappear.

TD Tech is a local company from China that has already launched under its own brand TD Tech N8 Pro, i.e. Huawei Nova 8 Pro, and will continue to launch several phone models, including globally, and this is because it can offer what Huawei cannot offer, i.e. Google Mobile Services and Google Play Store.

TD Tech buys components and technologies from Huawei, but most likely also from other companies, all in order to be able to offer top performances and experiences for customers willing to buy its products, and of course success will come since it is known that behind its products is the right technology.

TD Tech: Huawei Sells Its Phones Through -a New Company

TD Tech will sell all Huwei phones from the Mate, P, Nova, Enjoy categories, but it will not stop there, it will also sell tablets, televisions, smartwatches, or fitness bracelets, so it will have a range complete with products made by a completely different company.

TD Tech takes from Huawei absolutely everything that was successful before the US sanctions were imposed against the Chinese company, and since it is not limited by them, it will be able to make a serious profit, at least until the Americans they will change their attitude.