Nokia T20 review - a surprising tablet for the family

Time 22/11/2022 By myhoneybakedfeedback

Nokia T20 is not a tablet to beat any record, but I am among those who believe that expensive tablets are desired by few people, and those who buy them keep them for many years.To say it right, I have a tablet that is about 4 years old.And I don't feel the need for another.So the tablet is today a device to look at Netflix, you can take it on vacation or make the little school online.But let's see what the Nokia T20 is about.

Nokia T20 design and screen

The tablet looks better than an entry level.From this point of view, Nokia has done better job with T20 than with some phones, which seem to me simply too old.The tablet comes with a turquoise metallic back, Nokia tells Deep Ocean, who transmits the feeling of quality and seriousness.It's a very good thing for this price category where we usually see only plastic items.I really liked.On the rear edge there is also a plastic tape to allow the sow to circulate.On the back we have only one extinguished and discreet room.

In front of the screen is surrounded by equal edges that are neither thin nor too thick.Are fixed medium, about a centimeter.It is not the most beautiful tablet but you can not change this market very much.

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The front camera is located on the right edge, so it forces you to keep it horizontally during a call, and at the bottom there is a USB-C loading jack.On the right edge are the volume buttons, and up you have the Start Stop button.

The screen is one that I appreciated, because it has a 2000 resolution on 1200 pixels, ie it is a 5k image format..The pictures are clear and the tablet excels for its price category.The brightness is very good and often I was even tempted to give it below because it disturbs me.The size of the screen is 10.4 inches, so you have enough space not to be a tormented tablet for email or home school.From this point of view, Nokia went exactly what you need from a budget tablet.Too often see meschine screens in size and resolution.

The edges of the tablet are relatively rounded so there is no risk of becoming a problem.Nokia has maintained everything at a very basic level but transmits more quality than the price category where they fall.

Design transmits quality and I appreciated that.But how limited is this tablet level at the level of performance.Or is it not?

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Nokia T20 technical performance

REVIEW Nokia T20 - o tabletă surprinzătoare pentru familie

Nokia T20 will not make waves when it comes to technical specifications.Besides, I didn't even expect it at this price.It's a tablet that does its job for streaming and browsing but so much.

The tablet has a pretty strange processor called unisoc T610.I say weird because he is not met on too many devices.UNISOC is a Chinese semiconductor manufacturer and have begun to go out more in recent years, in addition to Qualcomm, MediaTek and others.

At this moment internationally you will find the Unisoc T610 processor, where T comes from Tiger, on realm or Honor devices, but so much.

The storage capacity is 64 GB and the RAM is 4 GB.The battery is 8.200 milliampes.

What can you do with these performances?I had no problems in using any streaming service, I did browsing pretty quickly, but honestly I didn't play, because I didn't necessarily seem to be right.Obviously for a child, it would be a successful entertainment tablet.For adults, it can be one to take for Netflix and holiday, give two or three mail.It had no bugs, it didn't get stuck, it worked as I expected for a processor that is in the entry category.

Sound is a relatively surprising thing at the Nokia T20.Has stereo speakers, on both sides of the tablet in a horizontal position.They have high playback power, quality is reasonable and works well for music, youtube, but also for calls in zoom or Google Meet.

At the level of autonomy, it was very good.Taking streaming and browsing usually in the evening, such as ordinary behavior, the tablet held me for 4 days, and every day I used it a few hours.It wasn't a disappointing experience, nor did he give me back.But what do you expect from an entry level tablet?

Technical performance were exactly as I expected at this level.Let's review the operating system, but also what the two cameras can do on the tablet.

Operating system and cameras

An advantage of devices created by HMD Global under the Nokia brand is that they have a very clean Android operating system, which comes with security updates for 2 years..This is all the more essential here.We all know how a tablet is used.He's giving his hand to hand.Once the child is taken, once the parents, you also have a older brother who does not want to stay on the computer.And all kinds of applications are always installed on tablets and it is important that over time it works as well, including when it comes to security and updating the operating system.For this reason, the Nokia T20 has important bonus points here.

The tablet also comes with Google Kids Space, where you can create a dedicated and safe space for the little ones, through which you have applications and videos recommended for their age..There is parental control, and parents can manage everything through the Family Link app on their phone.And we know how important this is.A few days ago I was at the doctor in the waiting room and a mother was almost desperate to make her daughter, for about 5 years, not to click on videos that were not suitable for her.The problem is that it was on normal youtube not the one for children, ie youtube Kids, so it needed to intervene minute.

The camera that matters on a tablet today is the front one from my point of view.The back room exists there just because we got used to it but no one uses it.And if he does it, it's not a very pleasant picture.

The main camera is solitary, has 8 megapixels and automatic focus.The quality of the images is not an extraordinary one, the images are quite dark and pixel.If you don't have a perfect light, you can't take pictures of it.Let's say it can be useful if you want to photograph a bulletin or documents to enter in an application, for example.

Otherwise, the front camera has 5 megapixels and is positioned on the right side of the tablet, so how to use for calls is the horizontal location of the device.It's enough for video calls, it has a fairly wide angle.

Before the pros or cons, we look a little at the market and price.How much does the Nokia T20 cost and what else can you buy on the market?

Price and availability

The Nokia tablet normally costs 1.400 lei, although I saw it reduced to 1.050 lei.It's a fair price for such a device.If the phones change often the tablets remain with us long enough.From this point of view, it's a very good price.

On this 10 -inch tablet market, you have a few more alterates with a better price, such as Huawei Matepad 2021, but you have the difficulty with Google Services.Above the Nokia T20 as a price you can find tablets from Lenovo or Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e, but it is already at an almost double price.

So, personally, if you want a tablet with a generous, bright screen, with a very good battery, with a design that looks better than its performance, but not necessarily break the kid, then the Nokia T20 can be an interesting alternative, especiallythat provides support for Android for many years.

Before the final conclusion, let's review the pros and cons of this tablet.

Pro points

Points against

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by the Nokia T20.I didn't give it a lot of chances, especially since I haven't tested a tablet for some time.But the combination of price, construction quality, Android updated at least two years and an excellent screen, makes Nokia T20 one of the surprises of the year when it comes to cheap and good devices.

So, if you are looking for a family tablet to have it on vacation, but maybe for online school moments, Nokia T20 is a strong recommendation from me.

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